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BOOK REVIEW | The Spirit of Leadership

In 2023, Reuel Khoza unsealed a letter to the future, which he had written in 1999 when he was chair of Eskom, at the time recognised as the best power utility in the world. It was an optimistic letter, expressing hopes that have since been dashed by corruption and maladministration – by a failure of ethical leadership.

Addressing the skills shortage in the booming renewable energy sector

South Africa is experiencing a monumental uptick in its renewable energy sector, driven by a number of factors including rapid expansion, increased investment, and the rising need for homes and businesses to reduce their reliance on the national power grid. This burgeoning industry, however, faces a formidable challenge: a critical shortage of skilled labour.

A legal perspective on South Africa’s energy future

As South Africa’s energy sector continues to evolve, understanding the changes in regulations, contracts, and market dynamics is crucial. The restructuring of South Africa’s regulatory framework, especially within the energy sector is critical given the present crisis the country is in. Unbundling, where different parts of the energy sector are separated, amounts to far more than just paperwork.

Virtual wheeling 101

Eskom has run a successful pilot of virtual wheeling, which will enable companies with multiple offtake sites to connect to generators using the Eskom or municipal grids. Electricity wheeling mechanisms play a key role in facilitating the optimal integration of renewable energy resources into the grid.

Medium Term Budget Policy Statement 2023 | SA Finance Minister Enoch...

The 2023 Medium Term Budget Policy Statement (MTBPS) was tabled to Parliament on 1 November 2023 by South African Finance Minister Enoch Godongwana.

Eskom “load-limiting” is an attack on individual freedom

Eskom cannot be trusted with load-limiting, as the same kind of centralisation is what caused the energy crisis in the first place. We will publish a research paper on privatisation later this year, that will set out how best to go about the privatisation of Eskom. This comes as the embattled state-owned enterprise seems to be fumbling from one bad idea to the next as it tries to stabilise power supply.

BOOK REVIEW | Eskom: Power, Politics and the (Post) apartheid State

This riveting study shows how the intersection of technology and politics has shaped South African history since the 1960s. It is impossible to understand South Africa’s energy crisis without knowing this history.

BOOK REVIEW | Truth to Power

When André de Ruyter took over as Eskom CEO in January 2020, he quickly realised why it was considered the toughest job in South Africa. Aside from neglected equipment, ageing power stations and an eroded skills base, he discovered that Eskom was crippled by corruption on a staggering scale.

Time for alternative workers’ compensation options

As a result of the collapse of almost every government service and state owned enterprise, South Africans are perforce increasingly seeking ways to avoid or replace government services. State insurers have also failed.

Eskom’s indicators of impairment

We are all only too aware of the dire state of South Africa’s state-owned power provider - Eskom. We now live in permanent load shedding, and only the stages of load shedding alternate depending on the time of day, energy consumption and how much, or little power is available on the grid at a time.


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