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The hidden dangers lurking in your inbox – stay secure and...

According to estimates by our experts, the average share of spam in global email traffic in 2023 was 45.60%. This deluge of unwanted emails not only clogs up inboxes, but also consumes a significant amount of time and resources. On average, each year, employees spend between 5 and 18 hours sorting through spam, and when scaled to an organisation with hundreds of employees, this translates into huge amounts of lost productivity. Yet, the wasted time is just the tip of the iceberg.

Social media & job-hunting – the good, the bad & the...

When it comes to job hunting, social media can be a double-edged sword. For young people who have graduated or who are looking for employment, there’s no doubt that having an online presence is important; some might even say critical. Not only can social media be a valuable tool in helping you discover career opportunities, it can “also assist in your own personal and professional brand-building.”

Unleashing Business Potential with the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra

As I navigate the ever-evolving landscape of digital transformation within various industries, I've come to realise how vital the tools we adopt are to our efficiency, connectivity, and competitiveness. In my experience, the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra epitomises the kind of transformational tool that transcends its basic function as a smartphone to become a cornerstone for innovative business practices.

Unleashing the power of cross-functional collaboration

In the dynamic landscape of contemporary business, team-based work and cross-functional projects are rapidly replacing traditional organisational structures, with an increasing number of leading-edge organisations embracing collaboration-driven models.

BOOK REVIEW | Learning Metrics

How do I know if Learning and Development (L&D) initiatives are making a difference to employee and business performance? What should I measure and how do I take a data-driven approach? Learning Metrics is a practical book for L&D professionals which answers these questions and provides guidance for measuring and communicating the impact of L&D activity in the business.

Engaging on climate can reduce emissions & enhance returns

Climate change poses risks to economies, companies, and investments. It is an important focus for us as active owners of assets on behalf of our clients. Many companies are carefully considering their exposure to climate risk and outlining their decarbonisation ambitions. What role can active ownership play in this, while also protecting and enhancing the value of investments?

Improving debt collection & customer service through omnichannel

South Africa narrowly escaped a technical recession, according to the latest figures released by Stats SA in early March. Recession or no recession, growth is just not high enough to improve economic conditions and coupled with record interest rates and increasing prices at the fuel pump and grocery store, South Africans are under pressure.


There are moments when we achieve peak performance: an athlete plays a perfect game; a business has a quarter with once-in-a-lifetime profits. But these moments are often fleeting, and for every amazing day, we may have a hundred ordinary and even unsatisfying ones.

How teachers can use AI

Spare a thought for educators. Artificial intelligence (AI) has made their jobs harder, particularly when spotting plagiarism and corner-cutting among learners. Yet, AI also offers new opportunities for educators to do more with less and create new engagement within their classes.

Uniting innovation, insights & strategy for guest-centric success

In an era dominated by technology and data, the hospitality industry stands at the crossroads of transformation. Leveraging data and embracing digital innovations are becoming imperative for hotels to deliver exceptional guest experiences and stay competitive.


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