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BOOK REVIEW | Learning Metrics

How do I know if Learning and Development (L&D) initiatives are making a difference to employee and business performance? What should I measure and how do I take a data-driven approach? Learning Metrics is a practical book for L&D professionals which answers these questions and provides guidance for measuring and communicating the impact of L&D activity in the business.

Rewards and recognition programs – mainstay in achieving strategic objectives

An effective rewards and recognition program helps businesses achieve their strategic objectives by attracting and retaining talent, increasing employee engagement and morale, aligning employee behaviour with business objectives, and fostering a sense of ownership and accountability.

Defining the “talent shortage” problem so we can solve it

It’s fair to say that in human resources (HR) circles there is something of a panic around talent. Between “quiet quitting”, the great resignation, and the general disruption to the workplace caused by COVID-19, HR practitioners find themselves grappling with how to attract, develop and retain talent, and there is much handwringing about the so-called talent shortage.

Productivity tools & privacy – monitor performance, not the person

In today's fast-paced work environment, employee productivity is a critical component of organisational success. To ensure optimal performance, employers often resort to various productivity tools, which range from time-tracking software to project management applications.

The role of incentives and rewards in attracting, retaining top talent

As South African companies prepare for a new year and the return of employees to the office following the festive season break, the matter of attracting and retaining top talent is gaining increasing prominence. Faced with a challenging local and global economy and a pervasive scarce skills challenge, companies are seeking new measures and tools to help them recruit, motivate and engage their employees.

Hybrid workplace technology and Industry 4.0 are changing the future of...

The only thing that’s constant in life is change. Many companies are now choosing hybrid workforce models to power their operations. As a result, they are adopting the technology necessary to complement this type of flexible model. The COVID-19 pandemic forever altered how the modern workplace functions: trends clearly show the demand for the hybrid workplace model.

Critical Skills List gazetted but what comes next?

Gazetted in February 2022, the latest Critical Skills List added numerous skills that have been in short supply in South Africa for some time. The list was previously updated back in 2014. As world economies reopen, local enterprises can finally source expatriate talent to fill the persistent skills gaps keeping them from achieving their strategic objectives.

Returning to workplaces not just about ‘getting bums on seats’

As governments urge employers to get their people back in the workplace and so maximise office space and boost ‘post-pandemic’ service/retail economies, the focus should not just be on ‘getting bums on seats’. We have called for managers to meet the challenges of a new world of work with flexibility and creativity.

BOOK REVIEW | Leading For Engagement: 7 Sins and 7 Secrets

The link between performance and employee engagement is proven, logical and compelling. And yet despite engagement ballooning into a billion-dollar industry, levels over the past eight years have remained consistently disappointing – the needle is not moving in any significant way.

REPORT | Technology to empower millions of frontline workers

We have released a Work Trend Index Special Report, 'Technology Can Help Unlock a New Future for Frontline Workers', and announced new features in Microsoft Teams and Microsoft Viva designed to serve millions of frontline workers.


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