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Forced localisation will only add to unemployment crisis

While we acknowledge the positive structural reforms currently underway by government – most notably the lifting of the self-generation threshold to 100MW – command control plans of enforced localisation stand to undo any potential positive upsides of other reforms.

Post-pandemic investment opportunities are everywhere, but so is the risk

‘When one door closes, another one opens,’ as the saying goes, and this is particularly true when it comes to investments. Economic recovery is on the horizon, and while it is expected and somewhat priced in by present market activity, investors are more interested in looking at what lies ahead. And here there may be some opportunities.

SURVEY | Africa private equity confidence

We are pleased to present our 2021 Africa Private Equity Confidence Survey (PECS). This publication is centred around valuable insights into how fellow private equity (PE) practitioners view the African PE landscape, specifically their future expectations over the next 12 months.

Exports – the potential engine of South Africa’s economic recovery

Exports could hold the key to South Africa’s economic recovery and growth. South Africa is experiencing a record trade surplus in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic with our exports far outpacing imports. Recent data released by the South African Revenue Service showed that South Africa recorded a trade surplus of R51.4 billion in April 2021, surpassing market expectations of R31 billion.

Public service for a new era: how to outmanoeuvre shifts in...

After months of managing the COVID-19 crisis, people and businesses are depending on the public sector to guide them through the next several months and possibly years of uncertainty. It’s time to capitalise on what’s been achieved via the new policies and service delivery models that were developed in response to the crisis.

The gig economy and side hustles boost incomes in difficult times

Many people around the world are turning to the gig economy and side hustles to make ends meet, especially as the economy continues to take further knocks from the COVID-19 pandemic. Cash strapped South African consumers are taking strain from debt collectors with limited options to manoeuvre their existing budgets but very few have spotted the opportunity or potential of the gig economy.  

Remove restrictive regulations to allow agricultural sector to grow

South Africa’s economic recovery relies to a large extent on creating a more enabling business environment and putting the right structural economic reforms in place. The country needs to prioritise those reforms that will deliver results both in the short and long term and put the ruling party’s tendency to revert to ideological thinking aside in the interests of rescuing the economy.

Another recession unlikely for now

The GDP print for the fourth quarter of 2020 has come in better than expected, seeing markets respond positively in terms of rand strength and bond yields. Year-on-year GDP fell by 4.1% compared to the expected 4.6% decline, while on a quarter-on-quarter, annualised basis we saw a very strong 6.3% versus an expected 5.6%.

Will inflation end the bull market?

Major central banks have combined with structural trends (slowing developed market population growth, globalisation, and technological innovation) to almost eradicate developed market inflation volatility over the past 50 years or so.

2021 outlook for global and thematic equities

Global equities can continue to perform well in 2021, but tech may have to share the limelight with some unloved areas. Meanwhile, a number of mega-trends will continue to gather pace. Global equities are by no means cheap, but they are reasonably valued.


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