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Calling all young entrepreneurs – the mental toolbox needed to succeed

Ask any budding young entrepreneur in South Africa what they need most, and they will probably rattle off a list as long as your arm: Some moola to invest in their business. A stable electricity supply. The eradication of crime that destroys businesses and results in financial loss. Lower borrowing costs. Reasonable interest rates. And the list goes on.

What goes around comes around

James Peron | President | Moorfield Storey Institute | Contributing Author | Free Market Foundation | mail me | There is a popular phrase people often use, “What goes around comes...

Refocusing CX in 2024 – key areas

In today’s rapidly evolving market, customer experience (CX) is a battleground for companies vying to secure a competitive edge. Globally, evidence of the unequivocal correlation between CX and a company’s financial performance is widely understood.

When judges aren’t

The Western (including South African) judiciary is a peculiar thing. To defy a judge is to commit an offence to society so great that most people do not even consider the merits of the defiance, and rush immediately to demand punishment. The recent controversy around Judge Mandlenkosi Motha is a case in point.

Strategy harmonisation for sustainable SME growth

In the landscape of South Africa's corporate engagement within rural and peri-urban communities, a recurring narrative persists: a bias towards non-core Enterprise and Supplier Development (ESD) programmes and interventions overshadows the essential need for holistic, forward-thinking ESD strategies to boost small business growth.

Why the education sector is in dire need of more women...

Gender inequality is still rampant throughout society and in the workplace, it can take on many forms -  disparity in promotions, unequal pay and less leadership roles. While this is often the case in big corporations and civil society, we should also be turning a lens towards the education sector, where gender inequality is even more pronounced.

What questions should boards be asking about AI?

Few business leaders dispute that artificial intelligence (AI) is on course to upend every major market sector and industry, but many boards aren’t always aware of what a successful AI strategy looks like, or how best to prepare their organisations for the change.

Leveraging learnerships for lasting impact

Companies sponsoring learnerships are looking beyond profit towards a better future. Business success is not only about profit margins and market share - it is also about positively impacting society and contributing to the growth of future leaders.

Can AI find your next C-suite hire?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is revolutionising business and we’re all beginning to relax with it as we learn that it is generally to be welcomed rather than feared. As a tool, it is excellent at making tasks less time-consuming and more efficient, and this applies to the work of executive search businesses as much as to other business processes.

Family businesses are adapting to a myriad of complexities

As the new year unfolds, many business leaders across Africa are assessing the 2023 year to chart an increasing resilient path ahead. Last year, major key events unfolded that had global repercussions on supply chains, businesses and the leaders of those businesses.


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