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Jail time for cartel conduct?

The amendments to the Competition Act, 1998, which introduce criminal liability for cartel conduct, came into effect on 1 May 2016.

Regular board evaluation is more than simply a recommendation

Management guru, Peter Drucker, is often quoted as saying, 'If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage [or improve] it'. Constructive feedback is integral to a process of development, growth and improvement, not least in an organisational setting, and especially in the case of boards of directors.

Directors liability in cyberspace

Cyber risks are evolving on a near daily basis posing countless threats to companies, and accordingly, directors need to stay abreast of legal developments to protect themselves and their companies in their fiduciary duties.

Company Secretary | from administrator to governance leader

The role of a company secretary is broad and onerous to say the least and, if this post is not occupied by a competent person who has the appropriate knowledge and skills; the consequences can be the cause of significant organisational friction.

Robo-directors in the boardroom!

Patrick Bracher | Director | Norton Rose Fulbright | mail me |  Artificial intelligence (AI) is rapidly developing and may in the future get a seat...

When to quit as a director?

With the financial and governance issues that have affected the reputation and financial health of companies such as Eskom and Oakbay Resources and Energy...

SAA board and chair must fulfil their duties

There are reports that SAA chair, Dudu Myeni, has recently missed several special board meetings, and that her colleagues on the board are taking...

IoD Guidelines for reducing Social Inequality

Social inequality is a strategic risk for businesses globally, and particularly in South Africa. Consequently, directors need to ensure that initiatives to reduce inequality...

Drawing the line on director liability?

Terrance Booysen – CEO Corporate Governance Framework Research Institute and Dr Ivor Blumenthal, discuss how the new Companies Act of 2008 requires that directors need to understand their roles and responsibilities and how it can affect their personal liability.

Fair & responsible remuneration critical

Executive remuneration has become a symbol of inequality in today’s global economic order. Shareholders are becoming more active in demanding that executive pay is more closely linked to results and stakeholders want a broader focus on the context in which the organisation operates.
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