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Self-taught vs studying design

Whether you succeed or fail in the world of design has little to do with whether you went to university, college or neither. It has to do with you, the person behind the design and the decisions you make on your journey to success. Being a great designer is all about the individual, their work ethic, the portfolio they build and very importantly, their love for design.

Why storytelling ethics matter, especially in Africa

Stories sell. They grab at us and hold our attention in ways that fact-heavy reporting does not. What’s more, the stories we in the communications industry tell often have an impact, even on ourselves, that we don’t immediately grasp.

Future of cars in the cloud

Cars may be confined to the road but, increasingly, they depend on the cloud. From design and manufacture of vehicles to driving and maintenance, cloud computing has become critical to every part of the literal and figurative journey.

Angry birds, audio and ad spend – the rise of the...

Who would have guessed that a couple of angry birds with superpowers would have gained such a cult-like following, amassing five billion downloads by 2022 (more than both Instagram and WhatsApp), spurring a movie and even a sequel, and earning fans like Angelina Jolie and David Cameron?

Emerging trends – where innovation, strategy & execution intersect with business,...

The next three years do not look like the new normal they look like the never normal. It is not a pessimistic way of describing it but a realistic way, and it means that we need to think long and hard about planning and strategy and execution. There will be a lot of strategic thinking wastage over the next three years, and in our view, we cannot spend enough time studying how people are thinking and how they are reacting to the Coronavirus Covid-19 pandemic, the economy, and technology.


Offices are evolving and with this evolution comes a new way of understanding how to optimise your workspace. What do you now need to...


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