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Durban chemical disaster is clarion call for directors and regulators

The massive fire at the warehouse of chemicals company UPL in Durban has created an environmental disaster whose scale is still not clear, and has put the company into the headlines for all the wrong reasons. While the facts are not yet confirmed, it’s clear that the incident holds many lessons for directors and regulators across all industry sectors.

Reputation Crisis! | How to turn your misfortune into opportunity

Sometimes things do go wrong - this is a reality of business and life. How one responds to an issue or how one resolves an embarrassment, determines how your business and personal reputation is scarred or strengthened in a time of crisis.

Keeping a socially connected yet happy, and engaged workforce

How companies treat their people during the COVID-19 pandemic will define the type of employer they are. And how they adjust their human capital management strategies in response to the pandemic will impact employee loyalty, motivation, and satisfaction, which in turn impacts customer satisfaction.

BOOK REVIEW | Managing Organisations During The COVID-19 Vortex

Managing Organisations During the COVID-19 Vortex is a comprehensive book to help leaders navigate their organisation through the coronavirus crisis. The book features highly-regarded experts and thought leaders and includes case study on Tencent Africa’s response to the coronavirus crisis.

Managing your organisation’s COVID-19 communication

South Africa’s President Cyril Ramaphosa has declared a national state of disaster amid the COVID-19 virus outbreak. While many areas of life are being impacted as the virus spreads, it also presents challenges for many business owners.

Enterprise Foods | Steps for effective crisis communication

Organisations and their brands need to take consumers into their confidence when facing a crisis. Although this seems straight forward, it is rarely the case. Quite often corporates respond too late or hope the issue will not surface in the media or social media. In communications, this approach is a cardinal sin. 


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