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Assessing SA’s patent system amid BHP’s attempted Anglo American takeover

As South Africa contemplates the vast implications of BHP's proposed takeover of Anglo American, a closer examination of both companies’ patent portfolios is critical, not just for stakeholders but for the broader patent system in the country.

ESG – Business and Human Rights – What does it mean...

Business and Human Rights (BHR) has become increasingly important due to the world's increased focus on Environment, Social and Governance (ESG). Human rights due diligence and human rights impact assessments are some of the key controls that guide corporate strategy and planning on BHR matters.

Cross-generational collaboration – embrace the generation gap for success

I find it interesting to learn about the different perspectives that each generation has on the generational divide. As a member of the baby boomer generation, I remember living through the "generation gap" of the 1960s and early 1970s, where there was much turmoil, anguish, and misunderstanding caused by the length of hair gap between fathers and sons, not to mention the business of burning bras, which divided mothers and daughters.

Accessing multiple avenues of value from transparent tax reporting

Until now, reporting non-financial information on tax has largely been voluntary, but many guidelines do exist and companies that are taking the lead are doing so by providing disclosure and explanatory narratives far beyond the statutory requirements.

The power of storytelling

People in corporate environments are often put off by the idea of storytelling as the first thing that comes to mind are fairy tales. But storytelling is a very powerful mechanism that can be used to help employees at every tier of an organisation understand the corporate strategy, the vision and their role in achieving a company’s objectives. It is also a way for leaders to be powerful communicators who can deliver a message that resonates with employees.

BOOK REVIEW | Fit For Purpose

The book is intended to be a guide and knowledge resource on critical aspects of how organisations should be managed and what specific discipline and culture must be developed in order to deliver on their value propositions and objectives as stated in their vision statements. It is also intended to provoke and elicit critical reflections on the issues discussed.


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