BOOK REVIEW | Fit For Purpose


Why leadership with contextual intelligence is key to sustainable organisational success

By Thabang J Motsohi 

The book is intended to be a guide and knowledge resource on critical aspects of how organisations should be managed and what specific discipline and culture must be developed in order to deliver on their value propositions and objectives as stated in their vision statements.

It is also intended to provoke and elicit critical reflections on the issues discussed. Some of these reflections will be positive while others will be negative. It is not the intent of this book to leave the reader neutral in outlook! To this extend the objective will have been successfully achieved.

Students in the Social Sciences may find this book particularly interesting and provocative. Employers and those who are in politics and are concerned with socio-economic and development issues will derive value from the book.

Book theme

Organisations do not achieve excellence on their own. Success is an outcome of a consistent focus on the appropriate value discipline and the state of being ‘Fit for Purpose’.

Put differently, all leaders of organisations and institutions globally have always been, and will continue to be, confronted by the question of how to marshal all the critical drivers required to deliver a value proposition efficiently and effectively to the clients and customers that are prepared to part with their money to enjoy it. This is the theme of Fit for Purpose.

The book also tackles the organisational structure of the governing party, The African National Congress (ANC), and proposes a thesis that, due to conflicting ideological principles and perceptions within its Tripartite Alliance structure, it is not ideally organised or structured for the purpose of governing in the post-apartheid era. The Alliance has long surpassed its contextual relevance and utility and it is ill-suited to meet the country’s contemporary development challenges and aspirations as a uniting force.

Since 2009, the author has published several opinion contributions that discuss these topics in greater detail. The leadership challenge for organisations and governments alike is to reflect on whether their institutions are indeed ‘Fit for Purpose’ at all times.

About the author

Thabang Motsohi is a highly experienced and leading organisational strategy consultant with decades of experience in corporate strategy evaluation and development.

Thabang has not only a deep understanding of business and corporate strategy, but also brings the accumulated wisdom of bringing simplicity and clarity of thought to tackle complex strategic challenges that confront organisations. The simplicity and clarity of the concepts of value proposition and purpose; strategic planning and execution; contextual thinking; and the framework for ’Fit for Purpose’ that form the theme of his book, attest to his deep experience.

Thabang has published scholarly articles in the past nine years on development policy and strategy and how state policy must be structured to address fundamental socio-economic challenges in the South African context.

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