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Reshaping workplace wellness with AI-powered telehealth

The fusion of technology and healthcare has reshaped how organisations approach employee wellness, and telehealth is at the forefront of this change. Daily, approximately 15% of South African employees miss work, costing businesses between R12 billion and R16 billion a year. What’s more, it's estimated that up to 25% of all employees in South Africa will experience depression or some kind of mental health problem annually.

Technology is making health & safety more attractive to project teams

Maintaining exceptional health and safety (H&S) standards is integral to the ongoing success of any project in the mining, construction, and engineering, procurement, and construction management (EPCM) industries. However, the time and expenses involved can be discouraging, leading to less effective outcomes.

Using AI & advanced analytics to beat insurance fraud

Despite higher inflation, interest rates and cost of living, the South African insurances market experienced a revival during the last two years, with the gross written premium across the local insurances market expected to show an annual growth rate of 5.14% from 2024 to 2028 (CAGR 2024-2028), achieving a market volume of US$100.30 billion by 2028.

Unleashing Business Potential with the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra

As I navigate the ever-evolving landscape of digital transformation within various industries, I've come to realise how vital the tools we adopt are to our efficiency, connectivity, and competitiveness. In my experience, the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra epitomises the kind of transformational tool that transcends its basic function as a smartphone to become a cornerstone for innovative business practices.

AI & ‘phygital’ experiences re-set to reshape the customer journey

With brands recognising the power of conversations, AI-driven solutions, and phygital experiences, consumers can anticipate more personalised, seamless, and satisfying engagements with businesses this year. As technological innovations continue to shape the business landscape, 2024 is poised to be a transformative year for customer experience (CX).

The role of AI in combating misinformation – an in-depth analysis

In an era defined by information overload, distinguishing between fact and fiction has become a paramount challenge. Artificial intelligence (AI) has emerged as a powerful ally in the fight against misinformation, employing sophisticated algorithms and machine learning techniques to ensure the integrity of the information disseminated to the public.

The digital tightrope walk for business & human rights

Artificial Intelligence (AI) offers unprecedented opportunities for growth and innovation but also presents significant challenges and risks, especially concerning human rights and corporate governance.

How AI tools are transforming coaching

Coaching is a caring profession characterised by a trusted relationship, authentic connection, and a collaborative partnership between the coach and client. At the core of coaching lie deep, one-to-one, empathetic conversations. The ‘human touch’ is not just important, it’s critical to the whole coaching endeavour.

Mesh networks – a multidirectional electrical superhighway

Today, many power industry stakeholders are faced with mounting requirements for improved grid reliability, resilience, and distribution efficiency. It’s a challenge which requires power service providers to rethink their infrastructure, particularly making the most of smart grid philosophies in their deployments.

Pivoting into productivity with artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence (AI) may be a topical conversation, but it is proving to be an invaluable time saver and productivity enhancer. In 2023, Microsoft introduced Copilot to a select group of organisations and teams to assess how well the technology reduced their ‘digital debt’ and delivered on their daily productivity and time-saving requirements.


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