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The state of social media in South Africa

2020 proved to be a tumultuous year for advertising. Overnight, budgets were cut, strategies were changed, priorities re-looked, but some platforms fared better than others.

Common mistakes marketers make in attributing conversions

Marketers know that a customer’s journey from their first exposure to the brand to a conversion event will generally involve a number of touchpoints along the way. The trick is to be able to understand the role that each of these channels and touchpoints played in the desired outcome of the customer making a final purchase.

COVID-19: The rebirth of creativity – the time is now

The world has changed. While some aspects of life will return to its former state before COVID-19, much will not be the same again. Brands and agencies alike need to think differently and design communications strategies that now factor in the use of digital, purpose-led campaigns, and in-home consumption vs out-of-home consumption, in essence the rebirth of creativity in a post-pandemic world.

Tech-wise, savvy SA youths have definite brand expectations

Most of South Africa’s corporate marketers are bypassing the youth market, a 46% slice of today’s consumers who, although they may not yet have the buying power of their parents, are key decision makers when it comes to identifying trends, promoting brands and ultimately influence the majority of household buying decisions.


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