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Tue, Jul 16, 2019

KPMG resignations raise questions about employer/employee rights

Advocate Tertius Wessels | Legal Manager | Strata-G Labour Solutions | info@strata-g.co.za | www.strata-g.co.za  | The resignation of KPMG’s CEO and other senior executive and board members,...

Are you ready for the Workplace of the Future?

The “workplace of the future” has become a buzz phrase in conversations around how the face of employment will evolve over the next few...

Why strikes decline as economy slides?

Why is South Africa experiencing a decline in strike action during an economic downturn? It is no secret that industrial action can have a crippling...

Retrench and Restructure – PART 1

If the data is to be believed, retrenchments are once again on the rise. Lets not speculate why, but the current environment doesn’t induce...

Trade union irony in the labour court!

Trade unions - the vanguard of employee rights; viewed by some as the thin line between workplace exploitation or salvation -  are not immune...

LABOUR BROKERS: Labour Appeal Court Supports Single Employer Interpretation

The uncertainty in relation to employees in Temporary Employment Services (TES) has taken another step towards clarity with a recent decision of the Labour...

Code of Conduct Report released by IBA

A new report from the International Bar Association Global Employment Institute (IBA GEI) details the findings of a survey aimed at understanding the prevalence, purpose, application, jurisdiction, legal effect, enforceability and efficacy of multinational companies' codes of conduct.

Incompatibility as a Ground for Dismissal?

"An employer has the prerogative to set reasonable standards pertaining to the harmonious interpersonal relationships in the workplace" - words by Mokgoatlheng AJ in the case of Jabari v Telkom SA (Pty) Ltd. This case reveals the lesser known of the lawful grounds for dismissal in South African employment law - incompatibility.

Offering a Resigning Employee a Raise Risky?

Picture this: one of your valued employees resigns at a time when it will be difficult and expensive to replace her. You offer her...

Molefe vs Gordhan

The [fake] case of state protection failing employment justice? Given how I have spent the last twenty or so years of my career, I tend at second blush when evaluating individuals in their careers to view them through an employment relations lens (and with those higher profile employees a bit of governance oversight thrown in).
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