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Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Building Leadership Talent

Perspectives from the Front LineIn Building Leadership Talent 12 thought-leaders cover the following themes:Leadership as strategic organisational capability and intervention by Theo H...


for Individuals and TeamsA Coaching ApproachBy Dr Tineke WulffersTrue leadership has always been more difficult to maintain in challenging times, but the unique...

The President’s Keepers

By Jacques PauwThose keeping Zuma in power and out of prisonInvestigative journalist Jacques Pauw exposes the darkest secret at the heart of Jacob Zuma’s...

MASTER YOUR FINANCES – The art of building wealth

Master Your Finances - the art of building wealth will transform your financial life by demystifying the complexities around wealth creation. It will also open up new possibilities and provide practical ways for you to start your own successful financial journey.

Organisation Design for Uber Times

“Doing business in Uber times” has become a metaphor for doing business in a digital world of algorithms, automation, artificial intelligence and non-stop disruption....

On the Brink – South Africa’s Political and Fiscal Cliff-Hanger

Few countries in transition have managed to get a grip on their public finances as well as South Africa did after 1994. Now, just more than 20 years later, the nation’s credibility and the democratic project lie in tatters as we teeter on the brink of a political and fiscal cliff.

Understanding Leadership

In Understanding Leadership 14 thought-leaders cover the following themes:Leadership as strategic organisational capability and intervention by Theo H Veldsman and Andrew J Johnson ...

A Practical Guide to the South African Competition Act

The implementation of the Competition Act in 1999 introduced an important shift in the South African competition law framework. After 16 years, many still find the Act technical and difficult to apply.

Corporate Governance – An Essential Guide for South African Companies

LexisNexis is proud to bring you the third edition of this popular reference work on corporate governance.The book combines a detailed exposition of the...

Smart Woman

How to gain financial independence and create wealthWhile some women seem to excel at making their money work for them, others battle from pay...
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