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If you’re not one to stop, you can trust Crosscall CORE-X4. With its optimised battery and power consumption, the CORE-X4 promises long hours of work, leisure and outings, with no interruptions.

With its programmable buttons, the CORE-X4 does whatever you want it to do. By configuring one of the buttons to a push-to-talk app, you can use your CORE-X4 as a walkie-talkie.

For example, professionals working on construction sites or at festivals benefit from perfect coordination between teams.

You can also configure the second programmable button to a Lone Worker Protection (LWP) app. In fact, its compatibility with the major LWP solution providers allows lone workers to operate in complete safely, with the option of instantly signalling a problem.

From a tool to a personal phone

The versatility and performance of the CORE-X4 extends beyond professional needs, into your personal life. Its robustness, proven in the field, will also be appreciated on the beach, by the pool or in the mountains.

The watertightness of Crosscall microphones is guaranteed by a GORE membrane, using the same technology as Gore-Tex, recognised in the world of outdoor textiles.

Its membrane, with pores of diameter smaller than the size of a water molecule and bigger than that of an air molecule, prevents any water entering while allowing air and therefore sound to pass through. Caution, it is recommended you wait for a few minutes after immersing your device, in order to regain the initial audio quality, as a dry membrane always renders sound better than a damp one.

Internal components are one thing, external resistance is quite another. CORE-X4 has not forgotten this. Whether it is dropped in the mud or a glass spills on it in the kitchen, CORE-X4 resists and takes it in its stride.

The wet touch and glove touch functions, popular at work, are just as useful in your private life, when your hands are wet or when you’re wearing gloves. Whether for personal or professional use, the highly responsive CORE-X4 can run several applications at the same time without freezing thanks to its 4GB of RAM.

Programmed durability

Offering a long-lasting phone fulfils both user expectations and the needs of the environment. To do so, CORE-X4 is equipped with components renowned for their longevity, such as its Qualcomm processor.

You benefit from a phone created to be with you for a long time, without having to replace it prematurely and thus over consume. The packaging size has also been optimised to limit impact on the environment.

Its long battery life can be extended by using all the X-LINKTM charging accessories (recharge your CORE-X4 using the X-DOCK when you’re at the office, with the X-CAR when you’re travelling, with the X-RIDE when you’re on a motorbike or with the X-POWER 6000 mAh power bank wherever you are).

The battery of tests to which it has been submitted has been formalised by the ‘Crosscall standards’ and counts no fewer than 100 resistance tests.

The CORE-X4 also guarantees safety in every moment of your daily life: your payments are fast and secured with the NFC function; even the unlocking is made easy thanks to the fingerprint scanner button, with the option to configure 5 fingerprints.

The CORE-X4 also offers a QR code reader, integrated directly into the camera function, to scan QR codes instantly and at any time.

Its 48MP FUSION4 photo lens faithfully reproduces the beauty of your most intense experiences with striking quality and clarity. Even in low light, your after work or evening photos remain bright thanks to the 4×4 fusion of pixels, a technology allowing 4 times more light to be absorbed. A perfectionist, it also manages its own electronic noise reduction.

The CORE-X4 has a wide range of 4G bands that allows it to communicate via most operators and be Personal Message Receiver (PMR) compatible. Its 5GHz WiFi chip achieves up to 1300 mbps, i.e. almost twice as fast as 2.4 GHz WiFi. The CORE-X4 is ergonomic and is so everywhere.

The CORE-X4 is now available with 4GB of RAM and 64GB of storage, all on Android™ 10.0 Pie. That’s the storage capacity equivalent of over 11,000 photos and videos.

In conclusion

Its elegant lines make it a pleasant object for everyday use. Its physical buttons have been designed with different textures to identify them at a single touch. Its screen format means it can be held in the hand, its grip textures and edges have been designed so that it does not slip out of your hands.

It is also easy to read and fun to use: easy to scroll through your news feed, and great for viewing two apps at the same time.

Finally, you can switch it to landscape format and fully enjoy your films, box sets or play online in an immersive fashion. Finally, its X-BLOCKER notches are directly integrated into its design so it can connect it to the whole Crosscall accessory ecosystem.

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