Checking the compliance status of your tax records


Juanita van der Merwe | Tax Compliance Manager | AJM Taxmail me |

With tax controversy on the rise, here’s how to ensure you are tax compliant in a few easy steps.

The frustration factor for taxpayers is on the rise during COVID-19, with it becoming noticeably more difficult to find fast and reliable solutions. In this environment, it is crucial to ensure you are tax compliant.

The good news is there is an easy way to check the compliance status of your tax records. It is important to select the correct tax type and to know where to update properly.

In this short video, leading tax boutique AJM’s Head of Compliance, Juanita van der Merwe, explains in a few simple steps how to activate a tax compliance check and to follow that up with a compliance status letter. The nice thing about getting all of the above correct is that a status letter could be available within minutes, alleviating a major headache for many taxpayers who need to manage their affairs, are undergoing a significant change like emigrating or starting a business, or simply wanting to sleep a bit easier at night!



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