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REPORT | Taxation of Africa’s digital economy is on the rise

Twenty-one African countries have already enacted rules for non-resident suppliers to account for Value-Added Tax (VAT) / Goods and Sales Tax on electronically supplied services. The digital economy is more than just technology and the internet.

Staying in SARS’ good books on business trips

Tax season inevitably means digging out all those airline boarding passes, fuel slips and receipts from your travels over the past year. As a frequent business traveller, you've likely accumulated quite the collection in hopes of a decent refund on allowable expenses. However, the taxman wants more than a shoebox stuffed with crumpled receipts.

Ceasefire of Section 164 in SARS’ war on non-compliance

Dispelling accusations of any revenue collector can feel like the fight of your life, especially where you are factually not on the wrong side of the law! Amongst these collectors, the South African Revenue Service (SARS) stands firm as one of the most strategic movers, turning the fight into an all-out war, the war on non-compliance!

Taxi industry and the complexity of tax compliance

The South African taxi industry, a cornerstone of the nation's transport landscape, has long been under scrutiny for its apparent underpayment of taxes. However, a closer examination reveals a more complex reality. In 2021, the industry paid only R5 million in annual Corporate Income Tax (CIT). This is a small amount compared to the industry’s estimated annual revenue of R90 billion.

Tax hurdles for remote workers and digital nomads

South Africa remains a hot spot for remote work. On the one hand, digital nomads and remote workers with foreign employers get to enjoy the South African lifestyle, good weather, and the luxury of earning Dollars and Pounds. On the other, foreign companies benefit from employing skilled South Africans, comparatively cheaper than their foreign counterparts, and without the burden of adhering to South African tax compliance regulations.

Accessing multiple avenues of value from transparent tax reporting

Until now, reporting non-financial information on tax has largely been voluntary, but many guidelines do exist and companies that are taking the lead are doing so by providing disclosure and explanatory narratives far beyond the statutory requirements.

No wealth tax, but trustees beware

Despite speculations that government has revived plans to introduce a wealth tax, the focus of the South African Revenue Service (SARS) has instead shifted to compliance of wealthy taxpayers with complex financial structures as well as trusts.

If growth is South Africa’s aim, it’s time for Jan Tax...

South Africa’s tax laws were designed for a high-income society – a result of a long history of the country accommodating a small, wealthy economy, and a large, poor one. But for a country with tens of millions being either unemployed or receiving very little income, being one of the world’s highest-taxed states does not make sense, particularly when small business growth is so crucially important to our economic future.

SARS aggressively collecting outstanding tax via third-party appointments

The 2022 Tax Season has started and taxpayers need to be cognisant of their tax compliance and if any outstanding debt is owed to the South African Revenue Service (SARS). As a practice, we are seeing SARS continue to aggressively follow collection steps against taxpayers with outstanding tax debt.

VAT in Africa Guide 2022 – Africa re-emerging

We take great pleasure in presenting the eighth edition of the VAT in Africa Guide – Africa re-emerging. This backdrop of renewal informs our theme and purpose of focusing on the re-emergence of African economies and societies which have been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. 


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