Depression and anxiety are one of the largest challenges of our time. In today’s fast-paced, competitive lifestyle, it can sometimes feel as though there simply is no time left for laughter. Yet, not making the effort to incorporate humour into our daily routines actually hurts our chances of achieving our goals.

A study conducted in 2016 revealed that humour promotes optimism and creativity while reducing stress, depression and anxiety in the workplace – and this study does not stand alone. There are many others that echo its findings.

Sadly, while the benefits of humour at work are well supported by research, too few corporates take the time to create an atmosphere that is conducive to fun in the workplace.

Humour at workplace

Co-founder of the 8th Floor Improv Comedy Group, Andrew Tarvin, delivered a popular TED Talk on this issue back in 2014 that explained how most employees do not attempt humour at the office because there is an implicit assumption that their superiors would not approve of this behaviour.

Therefore, in order for humour and fun to flourish within an organisation, these values often need to be conveyed to the rest of the organisation by those in charge.

Back in 2003, we developed our own formula with the participation of our Broker/Owners, associates, and regional & international affiliates. This formula would be the DNA of the our organisation used as a tool to assist in the way that we do business and conduct ourselves. Within this formula, fun is reserved as the heading of one of fourteen other principles.

– Adrian Goslett, Regional Director and CEO at RE/MAX of Southern Africa

This category exists because those who are happy, fulfilled and passionate about what they do are most likely to deliver the best results. Each affiliate is therefore encouraged not to take things too seriously, but rather to be unique and try something new and strange each week. They are also encouraged to socialise with their colleagues and to develop friendships at work.

In conclusion

One need only visit any of our events to see these values in action. Our network is filled with the most passionate people who have perfected the balance between ‘work hard, play hard’.

Life is too short for you to waste 40 hours a week feeling overwhelmed and miserable. It is vital that more companies begin to prioritise the wellbeing of their employees if there is to be any improvement in the very alarming statistics around depression and anxiety in the workplace.

Kayla Cloete | Public Relations Officer | RE/MAX Southern Africa | mail me |




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