, the creator of Otter Voice Meeting Notes, an AI-powered live transcription and collaboration app, has partnered with Dropbox, a global cloud and collaboration platform. The Otter AI transcription integration is now available to Dropbox users.

“Otter Voice Meeting Notes enables Dropbox customers to get highly accurate and searchable transcriptions of their video and audio content over 40% faster and 90% cheaper,” said Simon Lau, VP of Product at “By connecting Otter’s award-winning app to Dropbox, Otter will automatically sync media files from Dropbox and save the resulting transcripts back to the same folder in minutes.”

Creative teams often need to upload an interview, video footage, or a recording of a meeting, and have it transcribed automatically so they can stay focused on their storytelling. The Otter integration provides Dropbox customers with a competitive edge in transforming their collaboration, streamlining their workflow, and reducing the time and cost of managing and sharing the full spectrum of their raw video files.

As noted in Dropbox’s blog post, “Media teams are among the most active Dropbox users, creating and saving more than a billion files in 2017 alone. With the rise of HD, 4K and 8K video, online social video services, and podcasting, the need for faster, more efficient video and audio production workflows grow every year.”

A demonstration of the Otter integration with Dropbox is available here.

How Otter works

Otter is a free, for 10 hours of transcription live online transcription app available on IOS and Android apps stores. Easy to use and surprisingly accurate. Record and transcribe anything on the go. Utilising AI Otter Voicenotes automatically transcribes anything you can record.

Otter Voice Meeting Notes is an AI collaboration app that transcribes voice to text in real-time and generates rich notes for meetings, interviews, lectures, and any live and recorded conversations. By capturing spoken words accurately and making valuable information easily searchable and shareable, Otter helps business professionals, students, journalists, and researchers stay focused, save time, and collaborate more effectively.

By providing an interactive transcript player that can be embedded in web pages and social posts, Otter helps podcasters, writers, and public speakers extend their reach to a broader online audience.

Otter for business

Otter is also available for Teams, the company’s business offering supports advanced collaboration and security features, as well as centralized billing, administration, and reporting. Late to a meeting? Scroll back to catch up with what was said. Missed a meeting? Speed listen and skip to just the highlighted parts. Can’t attend multiple events at the same time? Watch simultaneous live transcripts and decide if you need to jump to another call.

Media companies, broadcasters, universities, financial institutions, government bodies, and other enterprises adopt Otter for Teams to improve employee performance, productivity, and accessibility.

Otter Voice Meeting Notes is a SaaS app transforming enterprise collaboration. It is integrated with Zoom video conferencing and Dropbox.

Pricing and Availability

Otter for Teams and Otter Premium both support the Dropbox integration and are available today. View Otter pricing plans and features and learn more about Otter and Dropbox here.

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