BOOK REVIEW | Reimagining Myself


A journey of Personal Transformation and Entrepreneurial Thinking

By Ntsikelelo Mzibomvu

In a country where democracy is suffering from extended teething challenges and the powers that be struggle to adequately meet societal demands, it becomes crucial to engage a bottom up solution that starts with empowering the individual with the capacity to self-transform and actualise.

Take a second and imagine what South Africa (and the rest of the continent) would be like if each citizen were aware of their capacity to change their reality by learning how to be the best version of themselves. What would the country be like if we could live our lives in alignment with the universal principles that govern human progress and harmonious relations – such as Ubuntu?

Shift from apartheid into democracy

The book is an essential tool as an easy to read guide into the world of personal development and self-actualisation within the South African context.

It takes into consideration the historical background and the psychological effects of the shift from apartheid into democracy and provides guidance that helps us adapt and thrive in the new ever-changing environment.

In the book you will find various practical tools and thinking that helps the reader reimagine how they relate to and create reality. The book also offers a personal development plan and a personal success contract.

Imagine if the key to changing the country lied in empowering and transforming the individuals that make up the citizens of the country? Imagine what that would do for our progress individually and as a collective? Imagine if we could reimagine ourselves into the best versions of who we are?

About the author

Ntsikelelo Mzibomvu has been involved in the youth development, personal transformation, and entrepreneurial thinking space for the past 10 years offering talks, workshops and seminars at schools, social organisations and companies.

In his journey he has written and published four titles – “Beyond Democracy Igniting the South African Renaissance”; “Thinking Ghetto Genius”; “Thinking Ghetto EntrepreneurA personal guide to entrepreneurial development”; and the art book “The Path to Greatjoy – A collaborative Journey through the art and life of visual artists Greatjoy Ndlovu”.

Reimagining Myself is the fifth offering which essentially is a combination of the first three books, and it provides a holistic approach to self-transformation and developing the necessary mindset for developing entrepreneurial thinking.

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  • ISBN | 978-0-0620-81515-4 |
  • Recommended Retail Price | R200.00 |
  • CLASSIFICATION | Personal Development and Entrepreneurship |

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