The buzz of biz jargon


Have you ever sat in a meeting where the person who threw around the most jargon, who managed to build in the most buzzwords into every conversation, was perceived as the hottest property, the flavour of the month!

To help you navigate through this minefield of buzzwords, to keep you at the top of your game, we offer some insights into some new and some not so new uses of jargon which continue to populate our many conversations at the office, extending after hours into our social lives.

Here are some business buzzwords that you should work into your vocabulary to ensure you fit in!


Impact is a powerful word that has become a favourite of business professionals – particularly within the marketing and media environments. Grammarians would argue that the word is being used improperly, they would suggest you should rather use the word ‘affect’ instead, but that wouldn’t have the same Impact – would it! 

Corporate Synergy

Half of the people who use this term likely don’t even know what it means. It usually refers to coordinating and collaborating more effectively within an organisation. This is a relatively new introduction to the meeting room – so you’ll want to make an early march on this one to prove your superiority and position in the food chain.


When somebody or something interrupts or disrupts the status quo forever, it’s termed a disruption. Think Uber and Airbnb. An advertising agency tried to claim this word as their own in the 90’s – selling strategies based on this single word – many years on a lot of us now are tired of this expression, but it’s showing no sign of going away.

Deep Dive

Some may call it good old fashioned

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