Headphones come in all shapes sizes and forms. Travelling can be infinitely more enjoyable if the noise and chatty neighbours can be tuned out. Sound cancelling headphones are a dime a dozen, so when a well-priced well-made and ultimately good sounding set comes along, that is a real win.

The new Xqisit oE400 headphones may just hit that sweet spot. Steven Ambrose goes far to check them out…

Xqisit may be new to South Africa, but they started in 2009 in Cologne Germany based on a simple premise to make life easier. Excellent design and superior quality are what the company are promising.

Their latest set of headphones is the blandly numbered Xqisit oE400; the name does the actual headphone no justice. On opening the understated box, I was struck with the premium look and feel of these headphones and in daily use found they may well be a minor bargain in the pricey noise-cancelling headphone market.


The Xqisit oE400 are a simple looking black pair of headphone with large over the ear cups.

The entire headset is covered in a soft touch matte black finish that is classy and expensive looking. The ear cups are an exceptionally soft luxurious feeling plastic with ultra-soft padding. The headband is wide and also covered with a soft feeling foam padding.

The Xqisit oE400 offer active noise cancelling up to 25 dB, which is activated by a switch on the one earpiece. The battery life is said to exceed 12 hours from a single charge. In actual use, I found the Xqisit oE400 easily lasted for at least this long.

The charging is via a micro USB socket, and a cable is supplied. No charger is in the box, but your computer or any cell phone charger will do the trick. Charging was swift and in a pinch 10 minutes of charge gave me a few hours of use.

The Xqisit oE400 uses Bluetooth 4 for long range and low power drain. A standard 3.5 mm cable is included for those times that you feel the need to be tethered or the battery is depleted, and you still want to listen to your music.

An included microphone allows calls to be answered and combined with the noise cancelling the sound quality of calls was excellent.

The Xqisit oE400 also fold up neatly and feel well made and should stand the rigours of travel well.


Xqisit pride themselves on their attention to detail and especially the sound quality of their products. In use with a wide range of music, these headphones proved to be extremely competitive.

They are by no means audiophile grade, with a slightly soft, warm bass and a somewhat muddled midrange. The treble was clean and bright. Overall music across all sorts of genres, both on Bluetooth and wired, was good which made the music involving and easy to listen to.

The clarity and volume increased when used in noise cancelling mode, there was a very low-level hiss which could be heard with no music, or very soft music was played.

The fit of the headset was excellent with the cups just making it around my ears. Larger heads and or ears may find them a touch small. The seal when adjusted was possibly too good. After an extended period, my ears felt like they wanted a breather, and they did get quite warm after a few hours.

Overall the comfort was excellent and the fit really good. The volume and play buttons, for when the refreshment arrived in flight, are well situated on the bottom of the right earpiece and are far more comfortable to use than some higher end headphones with touch controls.


The Xqisit oE400 is a great find.

Competitive noise cancelling headsets from reputable brands such as Sony or Bose are three to four times more expensive yet not three times as good. Noise cancelling on these high priced models is definitely superior, and sonically the Sony headphones are in their own league, the Xqisit oE400 do compete well and in turn, offer excellent value.

Overall the build quality, ease of use, excellent sound cancellation and decent sound quality make the Xqisit oE400 an excellent buy. The price at around R2,000 makes them a steal. If you are looking for a great well-priced set of noise cancelling headphones, for both general office noise obliteration or some in air peace and quiet then these Xqisit oE400 may be the perfect set of headphones.

Available from MTN stores countrywide at R2,000.00 |

For more Infomation https://www.xqisit.com/Audio.html |




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