AVM the makers of FRITZ!Box have released their latest, newest, power Wi-Fi router, for your home or small office.

Calling the new FRITZ!Box 7590 simply a router, seriously undersells what this all in one connected device can do. Steven Ambrose upgrades his router and tries out all the new features of the FRITZ!Box 7590

AVM, one of the largest manufacturers of modems and routers in Germany have a long history of unusual looking high-end routers for ADSL and Fibre. Their latest the 7590 is a new look design with tons of features and functions.


The FRITZ!Box 7590 features a new less retro design than their previous units.

A smooth white curved unit with excellent cooling and the signature red coloured back will not look out of place in any setting. The 7590 is a high-end router Wi-Fi hub and smart home hub with numerous unique features.

The rear of the unit offers 5 LAN gigabit ports and 1 Wan port for Fibre connections. DSL and VDSL connections are catered for and offer the latest version of VDSL with vectoring which can offer speeds up to 300Mbits over copper wires. Telkom South Africa will be offering this solution in certain areas. VDSL with vectoring usefully completes with Fibre.

There is also an ISDN S bus port and an analogue phone port for those with older connections. Two USB 3.0 ports round out all the connections. The USB ports can be used for external memory sticks or USB based 4G or 3G dongles which will allow falling back to wireless if your wired connection fails.

The 7590 features eight internal Wi-Fi antennae offering 4×4 Multi-user Mimo with a max bandwidth of 1733 Mbits on the 5-GHz band and 800 Mbits on the 2.4-GHz band, which ensures combability with older devices. Save to say all possible currently released Wi-Fi standards are catered for up to blistering fast speeds, often only limited by your main connection and or distance from the router.

Another useful bit of technology is the included DECT base station which allows connection to 6 DECT phones from most manufacturers, although the FRITZ!Box phones have the most features. Overall the built-in switchboard and answering machine along with the ability to combine both analogue, ISDN, and SIP (internet connected) based phones makes this an excellent large home or small business phone solution.


The FRITZ!App Fon application (iPhone and Android) also allows calls to be made or received on your mobile phone; it alerts you when the home phone rings and you can remotely listen to your messages on the built-in answering machine.

There are a few other apps available that can allow you to monitor your home camera, fix any network issues remotely and many other smart home features connected to your 7590. In essence, the 7590 can be set up as a complete smart home hub.


Due to the high-end processor and ample onboard memory, the 7590 handles pretty much anything you can throw at it.

Loaded with up to 40 active devices including streaming to two 4k TV’s simultaneously on a 200 Mbits meg fibre line, the 7590 never missed a beat. The ability to prioritise and broadcast over both Wi-Fi bands at high speed simultaneously and not impact browsing and or voice calls was outstanding.

As the speed of the line rises many of your devices, smartphone browsing, Youtube, and others simply step to their demands and display higher resolution video automatically. All this taxes lesser routers, resulting in stuttering and or buffering even on super-fast fibre connections.

The true power of the 7590 comes into play when the demands of many users need to be dealt with simultaneously.Wireless speeds remain consistent, and the auto channel feature works well to maximise throughput. I have used routers with high throughput, but none have so far matched the 7590 ability to stream to so many devices simultaneously with no issue.

The FRITZ OS is user-friendly and easy enough to use even for the less Tech Savvy, multiple wizards walk you through setup and installation and offer the more advanced user exceptional control over the multiple features.


The FRITZ!Box 7590 is a top end router.

If anything, it has more features and capabilities that you may use at one time. There are other routers at this price point, but none I have tried have all the useful features such as the DECT phone system with the built-in switchboard, all the various apps to extend your network to your mobile, along with top end performance routing whether using Fibre or VDSL.

The unique ability to use ISDN and analogue phones make the 7590 extremely useful for small offices or home offices and the smart home features, while still growing in functionality, work well and allow remote monitoring of cameras and other connected home devices.

If you are in the market for a top end router or are disappointed with the basic unit supplied by your ISP, the FRITZ!Box 7590 will not disappoint and may solve many of your networking issues.

Steven Ambrose | Techhuman.com | @ambio | steven@techhuman.com |

More information | www.en.avm.de/products/fritzbox/fritzbox-7590/ |

Available from | nology.co.za/brands/fritz |




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