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2017 has been a bumper year for smartphones.

Samsung broke the ground with their outstanding S8 series. Apple has launched killer new devices. Huawei went all AI on us, and LG also launched their new G6 and now the V30 +. Mobile technology has matured, and many devices look very similar.

The question is how do you choose. LG with their V30 + makes that choice fairly easy.

All 2017 flagships need to have a basic number of features. A super-fast processor, around 6’ screen, and tiny bezels are just a few. The LG V30 + ticks all these boxes and a few more. Steven Ambrose spends some quality time with the LG V30 + and is impressed.

The Hardware

Competition at the top end is seriously tough, and the LG V30 + has what it takes to compete in this rarifies arena.

A Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 along with 4 Gb ram and 64 gigs of storage. The LG V30 also features the Fullvision 18:9 aspect ratio screen with a 6” OLED display running at an extremely sharp Quad HD resolution.

The LG V30 + has Corning Gorilla Glass 5 on the front and the back with an H frame chassis that is Mil-Spec certified. The camera component has not been ignored, and dual cameras are a key feature of the rear, the main camera is a 16 MP rear camera with a class-leading aperture of 1.6 along with another 13 Mp wide-angle camera. The front camera is a 5MP wide angle.

A unique feature of the LG V30 + amongst the current crop of top end devices is the audio subsystem. The LG V30 + has been carefully optimised for the highest audio standard. There is a standard audio jack and if used a Quad DAC, digital to analogue converter, system with optimised amplifier kicks in and offers state of the art audio decoding. The LG V30 also offers the latest Bluetooth audio.

A large 3300mha battery and all the connectivity from LTE to Wireless AC is offered. Wireless charging is also included with the package. Full IP68 waterproofing and Military spec toughness round out the build quality. Facial recognition and voice recognition is standard.

In fact, there is no technical feature on pretty much any 2017 flagship devices that the V30 + does not offer.

The software

The LG V30 + is currently running Android 7 with a promised upgrade to Android 8 in early 2018. LG overlay the standard version of Android with their launcher. The LG skin has always in the past been fairly light and easy to use with optimisations that make their LG phone simple to setup and use.

The V30 + is no different, but I did find that the LG V30 implementation was not smooth at all. The interface felt slow and jittery. The actual speed of the phone was outstanding. No apps failed to load instantly and switching between apps was instantaneous. The overall performance was exemplary.

The lack of smoothness was only apparent compared to other flagships, and you do get used to it. I hope a software update fixes this aspect sometime soon.

All the standard Android apps are there along with a bunch of LG apps which for the most part work well and offer some value. A good example is the Smartphone doctor, which allows you to simply clean and optimise the device and it offers suggestions on how to ensure your V30 + runs well.

LG have differentiated from all other top end devices in two significant ways.

The first is the Camera and video subsystem. The LG V30 + offers unique features on the camera hardware, the camera lenses are glass, and the apertures are very wide promising good low light performance. The Software subsystem is also clever and optimised for avid video fans with modes that allow close to professional movie making.

The camera offers a clever point zoom feature activated via the Cine Video mode which allows you to zoom in wherever you touch the screen very smoothly. In fact, the video features are essentially a mini pro studio on your smartphone. There are slightly better cameras available, but the LG v30 + is very competitive

The second key standout as mentioned was the audio subsystem. Simply put the LG V30 + is the finest sounding smartphone currently available. Using lossless music sources from Tidal online streaming and high-end headphones, the V30 can offer a level of audio playback that any audiophile would be blown away. The LG V30 + sounds significantly better than any other flagship device in all ways, even via Bluetooth. Once you have got used to the level of accuracy, clarity, and fidelity, it is impossible to listen via any other device.


The LG V30 + is a serious contender for best smartphone of 2017.

The LG V30 + is a brilliant combination of all the latest technology currently available along with a form factor and build quality that places it right at the top of the smartphone pile. The choice of a flagship device today is not simple, but it is easier than you think. All the top end devices from Apple, Samsung, Huawei, and others offer very similar overall technology; there are differences in cameras, the interface, and a few features. However, each one has a unique personality and balance of strengths.

The LH V30 offers an unparalleled video and audio experience along with a top end hardware package and an excellent in hand balance and feel. The audio capabilities have no peer. The choice of flagship phone will come down to what is important to you. If you like me value audio, and video, performance then the LG V30 + is the only choice.

The LG V30 plus offers a combination of form factor, build quality and unique features that are hard to beat.



  1. Hi I bought a LG30+I’m still getting the hang of it. One thing that you mention was that wireless charging. I don’t know how it is done. Please advise. Thanks.

    • Hi Hoosain
      You need to get a wireless charging base.
      Samsung is probably the best one at the moment – available from Incredible Connection or Take-a-Lot.


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