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Reduced visa requirements – a key benefit of the TES

The Department of Home Affairs (DHA) has launched the re-packaging of the Corporate Accounts service with a Pilot Project for Trusted Employers. The Trusted Employer Scheme (TES) aims to provide qualifying companies a means to a flexible pathway for skilled applicants to obtain work visas expeditiously in line with global best practice.

Overcoming work visa roadblocks

Navigating the various work visa applications is quite tricky. Individuals and HR professionals assisting employees in applying for their work visas often face lengthy qualifying criteria and a complex application process that can be difficult to get right the first time around. 

New work visa adjudication process – correct strategy, but expect teething...

The Department of Home Affairs (DHA) has recently introduced a centralised adjudication system which sees that all long-term visa applications submitted through a South African Embassy or High Commission (Missions) (in countries where South Africa is represented) are being sent to the DHA Head Office in Pretoria.

Employing illegal foreign nationals – the cost, the risk and the...

With unemployment figures at an all-time high and South Africa facing numerous economic challenges, the Department of Home Affairs (DHA) and the Department of Labour (DoL) are again taking steps to curb the employment of illegal foreign nationals living in South Africa.

Mauritius is making residency more attractive for South Africans

On 10 September 2021, Mauritius officially reopened its borders to South Africans, ending the 18-month travel ban imposed on SA visitors. The Mauritius Tourism Promotion Authority (MTPA) openly welcomed South African tourists back to the Mauritius shores, which is a token of the relationship between the two countries.

Work permits for South Africa and further abroad

Whether you are a South African looking for work opportunities abroad, or a foreign national wanting to work in South Africa, you still need a work permit or a visa to make the transition. However, job seekers the world over are quick to send out their CV’s and engaging foreign companies without knowing what exactly a work permit is or why they need one.

What to consider when applying for a work permit?

Following a shift towards global recruitment processes, many South Africans have succumbed to the lustre of opportunities that lie in wait in foreign countries. Eager to find international career advancement, or simply to earn a foreign salary, they put their skills and qualifications on the line and begin applying for work overseas.

Foreign language speakers are an undeniable critical skill to SA

The Department of Home Affairs is currently calling for public comment on the draft of a new Critical Skills List. However, Foreign Language Speakers, a role that featured in the previous list, has been omitted from the draft List. Foreign language employees are more valuable than the language they speak and are critical to job creation inside South Africa’s borders.

Preliminary critical skills list paves way to compete for skills on...

The Department of Higher Education and Training (DHET) has submitted its preliminary Critical Skills List to the Department of Home Affairs (DHA) for review. The list is publicly available from the DHET’s website and companies should start reviewing it in anticipation of a round of public commentary before it is finalised.

Clampdown on illegal immigrant employment

The Department of Home Affairs has warned that they will be increasing the number of audits and investigations among South African companies that employ foreign nationals. This isn’t an empty threat and they are clamping down on foreign nationals who contravene the act as well as employers who are illegally employing foreigners.


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