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SA’s digital skills shortage is an untapped industry

Over the past few years, the world has seen a massive wave of digital advancement – especially in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. The ways in which we engage with others and our work have been permanently altered. Digital innovation has become a real necessity.

Leaders must set the tone – how corporations are tackling mental...

You cannot pour for others unless your own jug is full - is a simple metaphor I use to describe my attitude toward mental health in the workplace after I went for therapy to help me manage stress which is something that would have been seen as taboo a couple of decades ago.

Let there be change – the world of technology and leadership

Let There Be Change is a podcast series looking at the world of technology and leadership in a hyper-fast and constantly evolving environment.

Remote working – the leadership approach has changed

Conventional wisdom suggests that leaders need to be constantly front and centre, on the field and in the thick of the action. That notion of course has changed in the past two years because of the physical constraints brought on by the pandemic.

SA business needs to embrace sustainable thinking

A critical debate is needed in boardrooms right now on how to develop new thinking when it comes to sustainability. The very word has become ubiquitous, overtraded and I worry at times that it has lost its import. Simply put sustainability means meeting our own needs without compromising the ability of future generations to achieve their own objectives.

The pandemic and its negative impact on workplace mental health

In the mostly uncharted pandemic-induced hybrid home and office work paradigm, keeping employees happy, healthy, and motivated is among the single biggest collective priorities for senior executives. Are we in the C-suite paying enough attention to the issue?

Supply chains – recrafting & repairing after the violence & looting

ALONG with responsible, like-minded, and frightened South Africans, we looked on in growing horror two weeks ago as parts of our county were engulfed by acts of public violence, flames, and wanton looting. More tragic is that so many lives have been lost.

Resilience – a key to unlock value in supply, demand, operations...

The value of resilience as a prerequisite for business success in fast-changing environments has long been clear. The pandemic, however, catapulted resilience to the forefront as indispensable to business sustainability and relevance.

BusinessBrief June/July 2021 edition is now available!

Read our exclusive cover story titled RESILIENCE | A KEY TO UNLOCK VALUE IN SUPPLY, DEMAND, OPERATIONS & LOGISTICS? by Vukani Mngxati, CEO, Accenture in Africa, as well...

Reinventing supply chains with digital platforms

It is time for the many pockets of digital progress to give way to digital transformation. Approximately three in five Chief Supply Chain Officers (CSCOs) are not only investing in digital solutions, but already scaling them – and surprisingly doing so rapidly enough to surpass other business functions.


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