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Industry secrets to retire with 25% or more in savings

What if we said you could easily retire with 25% more in savings? What if we told you the system is designed so you don’t find out how to do this? People asking for advice on the 'the best funds' for retirement but not questioning the fees they’re paying have their heads buried in the sand.

Minors inheriting money: pitfalls of drawing up a Will on your...

Many people are often tempted to either draw up their own will or to change an existing will themselves, without the help of a skilled professional. However, there are many pitfalls ready to trap the unwary should you follow this route.

What is the right time and where to invest in turbulent...

The stock market can be volatile, but it’s a market that many people will delve into at some point in their lives whether directly buying shares or through their employer retirement saving fund. I believe that investments should form a core part of any financial planning, even during uncertain times.

The difference between saving and investing

As the year unwinds and we head into the holiday season, I know what you are thinking. Now is the time to spend and spoil yourself for a year of hard work - however this time of the year gives you a chance to take a moment and think about savings and ways you can invest your hard-earned money.

Savings club investing

Many of us would like to put money aside for saving and investing but struggle to remain committed and disciplined each month. Being part of a savings club is a great way to reach your financial goals. Saving can be difficult on your own, but South Africans have always been creative when it comes to solving problems. To help us get into the habit of regular saving, over 11.5 million of us have joined savings clubs and stokvels.

Key reasons not to DIY your investments

The rise of new technologies and fin-tech has made investing simpler, more transparent and cheaper than ever before, leading many to adopt a DIY-approach to their finances. So, in a world where investing is as easy as ordering take-out, what are the dangers of self-managing your investments, and why should you consider seeking professional financial advice?

Comparing tax-free savings accounts with unit trusts

The close of the tax year is drawing near, meaning those wanting to make use of the tax-free savings account allowance have their last opportunity on February 28 to put money away in the current tax year.

Invest offshore ‘for the right reasons’

South Africans tend to flock offshore in response to rand weakness or negative news headlines. This is counterintuitive, costly and can destroy value. The decision to...



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