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Landmark ruling – criminal records no longer a hiring barrier

In a recent landmark ruling, the Labour Court's decision in the case of Connor v Lexisnexis (Pty) Ltd (P18/24) [2024] ZALCPE 11 sheds light on the evolving stance towards employing individuals with a criminal record. The court's acceptance of the employee's claim for unfair discrimination underscores a fundamental shift in perspective, advocating for fairness and inclusivity in the workplace.

Beyond 60 – judgment upholds right to work & challenges retirement...

A recent judgment by the Labour Court confirms the current untenable position that many working-class South Africans find themselves in - being unable to retire comfortably at the standard retirement age, thus necessitating working beyond retirement.

Defying CCMA judgement can cost employers millions

The Johannesburg Labour Court has sent a clear message that defying court orders will not be tolerated. In a recent decision, Magnus Loubser, a director at Spar in Polofields Crossing, Midrand, was fined R1 million for contempt of court for refusing to reinstate a worker who was unfairly dismissed.

The importance of placing the transcript of the arbitration proceedings

On 10 October 2023, we published our article titled "the importance of a complete record of arbitration proceedings" in a review application wherein the Labour Court dealt with the importance of and requirement for it to be provided with a full and proper record in review proceedings.

Consequences of employees misrepresenting their qualifications

Whether an employee may be dismissed if he/she misrepresented his/her qualifications and/or professional memberships, but nevertheless met the minimum requirements of the position to which he/she was appointed.

Honesty is the best policy when it comes to sick leave

In a recent Labour Court judgment in the case of South African Revenue Services vs CCMA and Others, the court found the dismissal of an employee who was dishonest about his sick leave, to be substantively fair. In reaching its decision, the court made reference to the Woolworths v CCMA and Others case where an employee was dismissed after he applied for sick leave and but it was later established that he had travelled to support his local rugby team.

The validity, enforceability and settlement of restraint of trade undertakings

In many cases when employers hire executive level, management or key employees, there is a recognition that these hires can impact the success of the business, due to the individual's recognition in their industry, or knowledge and experience, or client and customer relationships, or a combination of all of these qualities.

Collective misconduct and the burden of proof – lessons for employers

The Labour Appeal Court has ruled against an employer's reliance on collective misconduct for shrinkage in an unfair dismissal case, reinforcing the importance of evidence and the burden of proof placed on the employer. The concept of collective misconduct applies when employers address misconduct involving multiple employees.

A matter already judged cannot be judged again

In a recent judgment, the Labour Court has confirmed that instituting a claim for unlawful termination may follow an unsuccessful claim for unfair dismissal at the Commission for Conciliation, Mediation and Arbitration (CCMA). However, the principle of Res Judicata still applies where litigants formulate such a claim on the grounds of fairness.

Dismissal emanating from wearing high-heeled shoes

The Labour Appeal Court recently issued an order refusing to grant leave to appeal against the judgment of the Labour Court, after the Labour Court reinstated an employee who was dismissed for voicing her dissatisfaction with the company’s policy on wearing high-heeled shoes on mine premises.


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