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Preliminary view of the draft IRP 2023

South Africa has experienced severe load shedding (i.e. controlled/scheduled power cuts), almost daily, since September 2022. This recent spike and high frequency of load shedding can be largely attributed to a significant drop in Energy Availability Factor of the coal fleet that has not been optimally maintained due to several  factors.

Taking a future-ready approach to sustainable building and design

The construction sector must not be overlooked in the drive towards achieving net zero. While sectors such as industrial manufacturing, mining and fossil fuel power generation tend to grab more headlines, the construction of buildings and infrastructure accounts for approximately 7 Gt CO2e, or 20% of global carbon emissions, where 4 Gt CO2e is associated with the materials used for construction.

Resume gap? How to confidently answer the feared question

In the dynamic world of job interviews, there is one question that often sends a chill down the spine of job seekers - "What were you doing during this gap in your resume?" This seemingly innocent question can trigger fear, doubt, and discomfort in the minds of job seekers.

There are two sides to every coin

Progressively more articles are appearing warning that the South African economy is heading for a total implosion. The sentiment is incredibly bearish on the ground and South Africans are finding themselves between a rock and a hard place.

Different strokes for different folks

Have you ever heard of the expression: “Different strokes for different folks?”. It is believed that this expression originated in the USA during the 1960’s and that the first person to use it was Muhammed Ali. He used the phrase to explain how he obtained his knockout punches as he went on to defeat his opponents.

2023 green economy market intelligence reports

We have released the 2023 edition of our annual green economy market intelligence reports. The reports highlight the most promising investment opportunities in key green economy sectors in South Africa.

The 2023 Budget – short terms gains not enough

On Wednesday afternoon, the Minister of Finance, Enoch Godongwana, had the unenviable task of delivering the annual Budget Speech. Over the last year, and especially over the last few months, South Africa has taken one knock after another.

Innovative thinking is required to address the jobs crisis

Amidst the rising cost of living, interest rate and fuel price hikes, and load shedding, the elephant in the room remains persistently high rates of unemployment. Much fanfare tends to surround any announcement of a small decline in the quarterly unemployment rate as it did at the end of November 2022 when Statistics South Africa revealed that the official unemployment figure had decreased by one percentage point between the second and third quarters of 2022 from 33.9% to 32.9%.

Early-stage entrepreneurship – making it through the first few years

With entrepreneurship critical to SA’s economic recovery, there are resources to help aspiring entrepreneurs get ahead. Entrepreneurship has been hailed as the key to South Africa’s economic recovery – and the good news is that all signs point to it being on the rise.

Walter Sisulu University and Samsung partner to develop future tech skills...

Coding and programming, Artificial Intelligence and Internet of Things (IOT) are part of a student skills transfer programme that will be fostered by a twining agreement between Walter Sisulu University (WSU) and Samsung through the Centre for Entrepreneurship Rapid Incubator (CfERI).


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