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SURVEY | Consumers’ biggest concern is not being able to save...

The 1400+ participants of our South African Consumers’ Financial Reality June 2022 survey results provide various insights concerning their current financial situation. Consumers are experiencing dire financial times, and thus, #SavingsMonth is no celebration this year.

A legacy of leadership – are we being the leaders that...

South Africa is facing a number of critical challenges. Two of the most worrying are a faltering economy and a crisis in leadership which is leaving many of our future business leaders either waiting on the side lines or, even more tragically, leaving the country.

The Great Resignation and the rise of the contingent worker

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought many changes to the way the world goes about its business; namely, the way we socialise, the way we travel, the way we take care of our health, the way we shop, the way we do business, the way we structure our time and the way we work.

The Great Resignation – a reality in South Africa, just different

New research by International Workplace Group (IWG) reveals that hybrid working is the most sought-after benefit for job seekers and as important as financial benefits. The term 'Great Resignation', coined in May 2021 by Anthony Klotz, a professor of management at Mays Business School, describes a swell of voluntary resignations amid the COVID-19 pandemic

South Africa’s labour market needs urgent reform

Statistics South Africa has announced that South Africa’s unemployment rate rose to a record high 35.3% in the last quarter of year 2021. This was an increase of 0.4 percentage points from the previous quarterly unemployment rate. The expanded definition of unemployment rate is at 46.2%.

SA needs a peaceful but far-reaching industrial revolution

Michael O’Dowd wrote in his book, The Industrial Revolution Myth and Reality, about the widely held myth that the industrial revolution in eighteenth century England was evil, which he contended was a persistent but mistaken myth.

Remote working – the leadership approach has changed

Conventional wisdom suggests that leaders need to be constantly front and centre, on the field and in the thick of the action. That notion of course has changed in the past two years because of the physical constraints brought on by the pandemic.

Meaningful industry-wide enterprise and supplier development

Unemployment rates in and around mining communities increase annually, with limited new job opportunities emerging. Enterprise and Supplier Development (ESD) is of national importance and can unlock significant organisational value.

The mixed messaging of the 2022 SONA

The messaging from the State of the Nation Address (SONA), hosted 10 February 2022 for the first time outside the halls of Parliament, was both encouraging and disheartening. We are glad to hear the President, the Chief of the Executive, unequivocally state that the body responsible for job creation was not government, but rather, the private sector.

M&E sector – support is needed for sustainable economic recovery

South African businesses in the metals and engineering (M&E) sector have faced enormous challenges over the past few years, with the  pandemic compounding an already difficult situation. A shrinking domestic market, declining production, weak production sales, a smaller contribution to the economy, increasing joblessness, cheap imports and low investment levels are just some of the issues they face.


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