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Improving tax governance – strategy is king

Global demand for greater tax transparency, emanating from corporate scandals such as Google, Amazon, Starbucks, Apple and Nike, is leading the boards and audit committees of South African corporations to ask more difficult questions than ever before about how organisations are governing their tax affairs and managing tax risks. The risk of reputational damage and financial loss is simply too high to be ignored.

BOOK REVIEW | Expatriate Tax

With the effective date of 01 March 2020 for the ‘expat tax’ drawing closer, South African expatriates, their employers and tax advisors have little time to come to grips with the impact that this tax policy and law change will have on them personally.

Has South Africa reached its limit on tax increases?

Kyle Mandy | Tax Policy Leader | PwC | mail me |  Following the Medium Term Budget Policy Statement (MTBPS) delivered on 25 October 2017...



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