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Policy withdrawals after financial emigration – SARS’ current challenges

There are many reasons why South African tax residents undertake to cease tax residency through the financial emigration process. One of the reasons is that a successful financial emigration provides one with the rare opportunity to fully encash your policy funds.

Provisional tax penalties – an attorney’s nightmare

Provisional tax season brings with it the heightened panic of many taxpayers upon the discovery of penalties and interest suddenly imposed by SARS. The disgruntled taxpayer seeks immediate recourse through his attorney, hoping for some sort of justice to be served, but alas the attorney is worn down by complex tax calculations, the onerous and incessant engagement with the South African Revenue Service (SARS) and the ambitious endeavours to deliver a favourable outcome to their client.

Should companies defer their PAYE obligations?

President Ramaphosa announced on 25 July that government will provide continued support to businesses by deferring employees’ taxes (PAYE) for three months. On the face of it, the relief measure will help businesses stay afloat, but employers should think carefully before they choose to implement it.

Tax Court confirms auditor’s advice is not ‘Get-Out-Of-Jail-Free’ card

The Tax Court has again confirmed that there is no safety for taxpayers in relying on their auditor’s views to justify a tax position adopted. To the contrary, where a taxpayer infers that their tax position is justified 'because my auditor said so', it can actually result in a larger tax penalty.

New Tax Bills published – 5 key proposals

National Treasury published the latest Draft Tax Bills on 28 July 2021, which incorporate the tax proposals made in the 2021 Budget. Highlighted are five key changes proposed by government that taxpayers need to be aware of.  

SARS due to make changes to the electronic record keeping requirements

Too often, taxpayers seem to forget that the most important aspect of dealing with SARS is to ensure that they can discharge their burden of proof. As a taxpayer, it is on you to provide SARS with the relevant material that, on a balance of probabilities, supports your position. 

Crypto regulation in South Africa – there’s a new sheriff in...

The new regulations proposed by the South African Government will lead to greater regulatory oversight and control in the crypto asset sector and will spell bad news for non-compliant operators. It has long been clear that regulation in South Africa was inevitable, regardless of this being contradictory to the philosophy of most of those involved in the crypto asset sector.

Avoid tax wolves in sheep’s clothing: things to look out for

Post-COVID-19 economic resurgence saw an increase in international work opportunities. With skills in hand, many South African professionals have become sought-after in other countries. As a result, their finances and subsequent taxation have come under scrutiny. However, along with the awareness of tax complications, another threat has emerged.

Working for an international organisation in SA? Get your tax strategy...

South African residents who work for international companies inside South Africa need to be sure they have a clear understanding of their tax situation or risk losing out. A growing number of South Africans are electing to work abroad, but there is also a substantial group that is working here for foreign companies.

Cryptocurrency – a primary concern for tax authorities

Cryptocurrency has heralded a new dawn of investment, and regulators worldwide have been sluggish to respond. However, it is now firmly on the tax radar for revenue authorities globally; and the South African Revenue Service (SARS) position seems to be no different.


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