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A four-day work week – should employers consider this?

The concept of a four-day work week is attracting growing interest in countries around the world, including South Africa. Local employers must understand the model, decide if it will work for them, and know how to implement it effectively.

Soaring inflation leaves SA employers with tough choices

South African businesses that have already planned their pay increases for 2022 have some tough decisions ahead of them. This is due to rocketing inflation, fuelled by global economic turbulence and local conditions, which is only expected to worsen over the rest of the year.

2022 brings big changes in governance and remuneration

Powerful international trends are changing the governance and remuneration landscape significantly. These trends are ushering in a profound shift in how we think about governance and remuneration, and smart boards and executive teams need to understand their implications.

Performance conversations – it’s the most wonderful time of the year

Is it time to sit with your employee for a face-to-face discussion on how well (or poorly) they are performing? Often, both managers and workers are not overly excited by the prospect of this sometimes awkward event. Dreading a performance conversation is generally a sign of a poorly designed performance management system or a manager who needs to be coached on delivering assessments.

Read this before calling your workers back to the office

Since the pandemic began, Work-From-Home (WFH) has been lauded as the new working model for many occupations. Now, with vaccination efforts ramping up, some employers are eager to get their staff back to the office. Organisations need to plan and execute that migration sensibly and with sensitivity to keep productivity high.

What the new world of work might look like

In this insightful video, I give my views on what the new world of work could look like. I discuss issues like policies that are currently being changed or created to accommodate the trends that we are starting to see and I offer advice on how companies can ensure that they are appropriately prepared for the new world of work.

How maternity and parental leave structuring impacts your salary

Despite years of progress and an increased awareness surrounding gender equity in the workplace and society in general, women bare a disproportionate responsibility when it comes to childcare. This, combined with social expectations and gender stereotypes, are seen to place women at a disadvantage in the workplace.

Reward strategies to beat remote working obstacles

With the sudden emergence of COVID-19, companies once hesitant to embrace remote working arrangements have been forced to allow employees to operate from home. The results have been surprisingly positive, leaving some organisations to wonder why they didn’t do it sooner.

How to rethink your rewards strategy for gig workers

The proliferation of freelancing and gig work has seen employers witness a massive shift from traditional nine-to-five jobs to part-time work and independent contracting, known as the gig economy. Employers will need to rethink their reward programmes to align with the digital economy and the disruption it has brought to the employment landscape.

Early career choice for women a must

Other than the structural issues our society faces, one factor that has been fueling the existing gender pay gap in South Africa is the educational and career choices young women make.


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