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SURVEY | Africa private equity confidence

We are pleased to present our 2021 Africa Private Equity Confidence Survey (PECS). This publication is centred around valuable insights into how fellow private equity (PE) practitioners view the African PE landscape, specifically their future expectations over the next 12 months.

EAPs help businesses improve relationships and productivity

While the importance of mental and physical wellbeing is widely acknowledged, recent events have driven the message home hard. The COVID-19 pandemic highlighted the link between wellness and productivity due to Working From Home (WFH).

A very respectful disagreement

Milton Friedman is one of my favourite people, but I must say I found his 'A Friedman doctrine - The Social Responsibility of Business Is To Increase It's Profits' a little disappointing. The title is not the problem. It is the points he makes and the logical leaps he takes.

Survey shows young employees prefer open and honest communications

South Africa’s young people prefer to work for organisations that have business leaders who are open and honest in their communication with employees. In the eyes of younger generations, transparency has become an important factor that needs to be ensured by employers, in particular on matters relating to the business and leadership.


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