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Unlocking the 5G promise

Before we can truly embrace the tantalising promise of 5G, network operators must consider a number of architectural realities. As we head further into 2019, the world of telecoms continues to be abuzz with talk about 5G networks.

Advance financial processes with Artificial Intelligence

The growing demand for accurate, effective and convenient business support tools has seen a rise in solution-driven innovations from payment, banking and budgeting applications, to accounting desktop solutions.

AI capable of doubling SA’s growth?

As most global markets experience growth, South Africa remains in an economic quagmire. Due to credit rating downgrades, a volatile currency, and lower contributions to GDP from the country's major economic spinners – the agriculture, manufacturing, and mining sectors – the country is experiencing stubbornly high unemployment and anaemic economic growth.

Catalysing the future of professionals

A good pharmacist should have certain qualities. They should be friendly, efficient, knowledgeable on a wide range of medications and their contraindications and be organised. But do they need to be human? Perhaps not anymore.

Global Consumer survey says AI is the future

PwC's latest Global Consumer Insights survey, assesses the shopping behaviour, habits and expectations of over 22,000 consumers in 27 countries, including 1,000 from South Africa. Almost a third (32%) of consumers surveyed globally by PwC plan to buy an AI device, including robots or automated assistants, with retailers watching closely as ‘voice commerce’ develops in the home. In South Africa, 44.3% stated they plan to buy an AI device in the near future.

Transformation to impact the future of work!

Sixty-five percent of jobs that will exist in future, have not been created. Technology is changing faster than most can keep up with. Is it man against machine, or man working hand in hand with machines? With the hype around the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR), Artificial Intelligence (AI) and robotics, there is concern as to the impact on jobs and future careers.

Doing tomorrow’s business today

Quintus Kilbourn | Head of Equities | Absa Corporate and Investment Banking | quintus.kilbourn@absacapital.com | cib.absa.co.za | “Never in human history has the present been so temporary”...

Robo-directors in the boardroom!

Patrick Bracher | Director | Norton Rose Fulbright | mail me |  Artificial intelligence (AI) is rapidly developing and may in the future get a seat...

Organisation Design for Uber Times

“Doing business in Uber times” has become a metaphor for doing business in a digital world of algorithms, automation, artificial intelligence and non-stop disruption....

The rise of AI: collaborate, rather than compete

The fields of Artificial Intelligence (AI), Robotics, Process automation, and heuristics are all developing at a rapid pace. While we don’t yet know exactly...
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