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Ensuring your IT integration delivers business value

With so much hype surrounding new technology such as big data, cloud computing and AI, it is easy to miss the point of integrating them into your business operations: enhancing the performance of employees, and ultimately the business.

Franchises reap the rewards of tech-enabled LMS

Technology enabled Local Marketing Strategies (LMS) help leading franchises grow at a rate three times faster than competitors. One of the great challenges facing franchise businesses is to maintain their group brand identity while enabling LMS at branch level. Those that do, grow at a rate of about three times than that of their competitors.

Driving consumer behaviour by addressing the entire supply chain

Changing consumer behaviour and creating loyalty throughout the supply chain are areas every FMCG manufacturer is trying to achieve. However, these are the last links and typically the most difficult elements to manipulate. This is due to challenges around validating sales – you can only reward loyalty if you can verify the purchase. 

Making the change to self-service BI

The concept of self-service business intelligence (BI) is one that many companies are at odds with. As is often the case, you have those who want to embrace it while others are still struggling to get their head around traditional BI. This however does not need to be the case.

Key developments in sport sponsorships

Nielsen Sports recently released a Commercial Trends Report that outlines the key global and local developments in sports for rights holders and brands. Increasing competition, fragmenting audiences, greater business sophistication and a proliferation of products are producing a variety of challenges and opportunities for rights holders and brands.
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