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Digital platform economy: the next disruption awaits SA companies

Ever had that experience where you were chatting or texting someone about a topic and the next thing you know, you log onto your social media pages and find either an advertisement or suggestion on the very same topic? Well, this mystery is more common than you think.

Constant release of new features can erode customer trust

Businesses must release new, exciting digital experiences and products at higher velocities than ever before to remain relevant and continue to increase their share of wallet in this brave new world which we refer to as the post-digital era. This unprecedented pace of innovation has several unintended consequences, which, if not purposefully addressed, can erode trust and alienate customers.

Africa’s 4th Industrial Revolution infrastructure needs?

The 4th industrial revolution ushers in the era of data & analytics (D&A), the Internet of Things (IoT), machine learning, cognitive computing and artificial...



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