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In the always on era, creativity is key to business success

Organisations need to be serious about creativity if they want to drive sustainable business success across global markets. It’s often forgotten that business is a creative pursuit. Every business, be it a technology giant such as Microsoft, or a tiny corner store serving one community, stems from a single idea.

What will the future of hiring look like?

While most areas of a business have changed over the past decade, the hiring process for potential staff by HR departments has remained relatively the same. This, however, is set to change with the introduction of new technologies that will save companies money and valuable time that can be spent improving their core business.

Job offer negotiation rules

As companies and candidates enter a fresh hiring season in 2020, the time will come where both parties stand at the door of a potential new partnership - arguably the most fragile period of the hiring process. At this stage, when both have clearly indicated their interest in working together, there are certain rules of engagement which must be followed on both their parts to ensure neither snatches defeat from the jaws of victory.

The real costs of hiring a wrong person

In a bid to cut costs, companies often attempt to handle prospective employees themselves. This approach, while often sensible, has far-reaching effects for the employer, especially when it becomes apparent that the new employee and the organisation’s values are in contrast with one another.


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