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Cybersecurity issues require shared responsibility

Building a safer cybersecurity environment requires a collaborative approach by regulators and industry players across the planet. A recent report by Strategy Analytics, a global technology and media analyst agency, rated Huawei, Ericsson and Nokia as the top three global 5G RAN vendors in terms of equipment performance, RAN product portfolio, R&D investment and subscriber projections.

Continuous innovation: setting business apart in the post-digital era

Businesses will have to embed innovation in their DNA to future-proof their operations for the unparalleled pace of technological change in what we refer to in our Tech Vision 2020 as the post-digital era. In the past, businesses with a unique asset could enjoy a competitive advantage and sweat that asset for ten, twenty or even thirty years before their competitors caught on.

Tech trends that will transform the way we live and work

People’s love for technology has let businesses weave it, and themselves, into our lives, transforming how we work live and interact in this new world which we are referring to – in our Tech Vision 2020 – as the 'post-digital era'. But now we are being held back.

The next stage of evolution – when man integrates with machine

We have been acclimatised to the concept of artificial intelligence (AI) and heard the hype about the 4th Industrial Revolution (4IR). Now prepare for the next stage – when advanced AI meets 4IR to enable the always smart, always learning, ubiquitous computing of the future.

Quantum computing – what is it and when is it coming?

Initially, computers were primarily used by academics and for research. Today, one cannot fathom life and work without some sort of computing power aiding in our daily activities. In addition, we have reached the point where a pocket-sized device is vastly more powerful than a computer the size of a city block was just a few decades ago.

4th Industrial Revolution impacts relevancy of Trade Unions!

The 4th Industrial Revolution (4IR) has become a buzz word in many forums discussing global economic trends. The revolution is presented as the next inevitable event that will sweep the entire world.



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