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Minors inheriting money: pitfalls of drawing up a Will on your...

Many people are often tempted to either draw up their own will or to change an existing will themselves, without the help of a skilled professional. However, there are many pitfalls ready to trap the unwary should you follow this route.

Choosing your executor

Following the death of a loved one, those left behind are often distressed to learn that the administration of the deceased estate will take quite some time to finalise.

Retirement benefits may not end up where you plan

If you are formally employed you might have been required to join your companies contracted retirement scheme, and they would have asked you to nominate a beneficiary for the proceeds in case you die before retirement. However, if you chose a beneficiary that is not your dependant then the chances are that the retirement fund trustees won’t honour your wishes!

Living Will draft bill is important

A draft National Health Amendment Bill is to be introduced to parliament that will explicitly allow for living wills to be recognised and enforced.

Death and marriage go together like a horse and carriage…

For most people the words 'death' and 'marriage' do not belong together in the same conversation. The last thing on people’s minds when they get married and enter into an ante-nuptial contract is death – the focus is usually around possible divorce. Likewise, when planning the affairs around our demise, very few of us would be thinking about marriage.



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