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Investment scams – be warned!

The rising cost of living continues to tighten its grip on the economy, giving scammers, fraudsters and hustlers the green light to prey on those desperate enough (and potentially unaware of the dangers) to choose an easy way out of the financial hole they have fallen into.

REVIEW | Genius Starter Kit – taking tablet to kids’ level

The Genius Starter Kit from Osmo is designed to stimulate interest and improve skills in maths, spelling, creativity and other educational and learning games. Aimed at children aged ages 6 to 10 and older, the games move from beginner to expert levels as kids become more adept with them, meaning they allow for continuing learning.

Ways to fight holiday shopping fraud in 2021

Welcome to the holiday shopping season for 2021, the second impacted by the pandemic. Supply chain issues aren’t the only things that can ruin your holidays this year. Global Supply chain issues and scenes of countless ships waiting to unload their global cargo have certainly reminded us all of how interconnected we are around the globe.

Black November – make this a season of festive cheer and...

The Festive Season is a time when most South Africans, like the rest of the world, will be looking to spoil their loved ones by purchasing them gifts. Over the past few years, South Africans have been lucky enough to be able to take advantage of the discounts that are offered on Black Friday (the last Friday in November) and Cyber Monday (the Monday immediately following Black Friday).

How to survive the cybercrime pandemic

The pandemic forced everyone to spend more time online than they did before. This was out of necessity because of remote working and the need to buy services and products online. A global collective of highly sophisticated networks of criminals are aware of this larger, captive online audience, and they have innovated and stepped up both the frequency and the complexity of their attacks.

Reasons why contactless payments are taking over the world

For the past 10 years, we’ve been hearing about how new-generation mobile apps, wallets, tap-to-pay, NFC solutions and even the humble QR code are going to spell the end of the magnetic stripe card as a means of payment. And here we are, in 2021, and we’re finally taking big steps towards a brave new world of contactless payments.

Does POPIA impact AI software or ML systems?

This article discusses the impact of the Protection of Personal Information Act (POPIA) on artificial intelligence or machine learning systems used in the context of the workplace.

e-Commerce – South Africa’s new frontier

The rise of e-commerce in the country over the past year may have been driven by the pandemic, but it was long overdue. It is worth noting that South Africa was arguably too slow in initially adopting e-commerce, chiefly because it appeared focused on the niche upper end of the market. Thus, many retailers did not view it as a necessity.

REPORT | Disruptive shifts of cyber threats

2020 witnessed a dramatic cyber threat landscape from beginning to end. Although the pandemic played a central role, as the year progressed cyber adversaries evolved attacks with increasingly disruptive outcomes. They maximised the expanded digital attack surface beyond the core network, to target remote work or learning, and the digital supply chain.

Industry certification confirms cybersecurity for Huawei customers

Mobile-internet developments have made smart devices the most popular way to go online. These devices store a wealth of user data with an increasing number of apps installed from uncontrolled sources, but also raise security risks.


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