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8 in 10 Gen Z want to pay more for brands...

New proprietary research reveals how brands can communicate and collaborate with this hyper-informed generation. Accounting for one third of the global population, Generation Z have a collective disposable income expected to reach $33 trillion over the next decade.

SMEs vulnerable to cyber attacks

South Africa has the sixth highest rate of cybercrime victims worldwide, according to a report by international cybersecurity company Surfshark. Following the breach of President Cyril Ramaphosa’s personal data by hackers, consumers have been cautioned to remain vigilant when visiting websites and making online transactions.

The importance of embracing cloud sovereignty

By the end of September last year, the number of data breaches had already exceeded the total number of similar events in 2020 by 17%. As more businesses migrate to the cloud, there is growing concern that not enough is being done to mitigate against the threat of these and other data privacy risks.

Data erasure – the importance of certifications

Data is every company's biggest asset and that is why data protection should be a top priority for every business owner. Data protection is becoming more complicated as old electronics become redundant and new devices are added to the network.

PoPIA compliance: de-identifying, information matching and filing systems

There are many crucial factors involved in the Protection of Personal Information Act (PoPIA). For compliance, it is imperative for organisations to fully understand all these factors and how they play out in the real world. Three of the crucial areas that must be discussed include de-identifying, information matching programmes, and filing systems.

Digital hygiene and mindful communication: defending against doxing

With our lives essentially transferred to the digital world since last year, keeping our digital space safe and secure has become more important than ever. Recognition of the importance of online privacy led to the growth of privacy-focused products, yet many people remain confused about what dangers the exposure of personal data may lead to.

From survival mode to rebuilding customer trust

While COVID-19 is certainly not a thing of the past, as a society we appear to be starting to find ways of living with the virus and, for most people at least, taking the necessary precautions to protect ourselves from being infected by it. The same can be said for many businesses.

POPIA, GDPR – or both?

Businesses that have taken steps to comply with the General Data Protection Regulation passed by the EU will also have to be compliant with South Africa’s Protection of Personal Information Act by July 2021. Compliance with one, does not ensure compliance with the other.

Artificial Intelligence has POPIA implications

Organisations using personal data in artificial intelligence applications need to manage it carefully to ensure they remain compliant with POPIA.

Future-proofing trust in the fast-growing data economy

To leverage data and automated communications, marketers have to embrace responsible personalisation. With consumers and businesses alike becoming ever more dependent on digital products, services and partnerships, our digital footprints are growing exponentially.


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