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Data strategy – the key to success in financial services

Even though concepts such as DevOps and MLOps have gained support in recent years, FinOps is a relatively new discipline that has yet to become generally practised. And yet, its potential to enhance financial services through a reinvented data strategy is significant.

Intelligence at the edge drives business optimisation and efficiency

Businesses today must be more agile, efficient and proactive than ever, a feat that can only be successfully achieved through digital technologies that deliver enhanced intelligence, including the intelligent cloud, and the ability to process and analyse data at source, also known as the intelligent edge.

Give customers what they crave!

Customers expect an easy, hassle-free omnichannel shopping experience; and digital innovation is the answer that retailers have been waiting for. It has been rapidly transforming retail value chains in recent years.

Putting the green back in operations

Harnessing the potential of green energy solutions is crucial to maximising productivity and bolstering profitability in the material handling and warehousing industry. The drive to go green has seen considerable uptake worldwide, with renewable energy resources making headlines as being a sustainable end to much of the world’s energy problems.

Achieving efficiency through outsourced skills development

Skills development and resource efficiency go hand-in-hand toward achieving business success. The aim is to provide all workers with the opportunity for personal career growth by ensuring they’re up to date on the latest industry developments as well as how to use the newest technology.

Retailers must rapidly upskill to thrive in future work environments

With digitisation reshaping the retail landscape, the future of the industry is unfolding before our very eyes. Since the pandemic began and lockdowns ensued, retailers have been forced to rethink the way they do business and, in particular, the way they serve their customers. 

A new route in energy while creating new markets and products

Oil and gas companies looking to establish winning positions in the decarbonisation transition and beyond cannot achieve that goal by themselves. They will need the help of their customers, particularly those that are heavily dependent on hydrocarbons, and adjacent sectors, and be part of developing the cross-sectoral actions.

How have manufacturers and distributors evolved to meet the factory of...

The journey to reaching digital resiliency: pursuing digital transformation initiatives to thrive despite the ongoing pandemic challenges. The COVID-19 pandemic has shaken the manufacturing and distribution industry profoundly.

From hype to hero: how IoT has changed the world

The Internet of Things (IoT) is no flash-in-the-pan hyped-up tech, it’s the future of connectivity and collaboration in a freshly minted digital world. Digital transformation. Over the past year, this term has rapidly left behind its buzzword status to become a key business enabler in a world defined by pandemic restrictions and new requirements to monitor and manage systems and facilities remotely.  

The future supply chain is purpose-driven by intelligent technology

The retail supply chain is large and complex, and constantly needs to adapt to meet changing demand from end consumers. The need for multi-channel fulfilment across online and in store adds to this complexity. Accurate demand forecasting is critical to every part of the chain, from manufacture to distribution to sales.


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