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Why structured products are the future of investing

The recent announcement of South Africa’s grey listing has compounded an already volatile market and has introduced more administrative complexity when investing offshore. Onerous due diligence processes and verifiable information may be required creating delays with offshore investments.

Make sure you have the correct Will to cover your offshore...

When considering purchasing property overseas make sure you have the correct Will to cover your offshore assets.

Protecting your legacy: family trusts under the spotlight

Wealthy parents are often concerned about the preservation of their hard-earned family fortunes for their children, and rightly so: research has shown that around 70% of young heirs end up failing as custodians or stewards of the family wealth, sometimes squandering it within a few years after inheritance.

How safe is investing in South Africa right now?

The 2020 Global Wealth Migration Review cited that an estimated 4,000 of South Africa’s highest nett worth individuals – worth R17 million or more – have left the country over the past ten years. Wealth migration data such as this report is said to serve as a clear indicator of the health of the economy. 

Consult a professional financial advisor

The investment landscape has changed profoundly over the past decade, making it easier than ever for individuals to take control of their own investment portfolios. It’s a simple matter for nearly anyone to trade shares via their online banking platform, for example, or to access a range of funds and products from an online stockbroker or wealth management firm.


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