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Dealing with long COVID-19 in the workplace

Lingering after effects of COVID-19 which persist for more than six weeks have been deemed 'Long COVID-19' by the World Health Organisation – and those holding down jobs need to manage their symptoms while being expected to return to work.

Tips for coping with stress and anxiety as a business owner

Being an entrepreneur is stressful at the best of times, but what happens when unforeseen circumstances (like a pandemic for example) cast its dark shadow of doubt, forcing you to rethink everything about your business and yourself? It’s more important than ever to bring discussions around mental health and wellbeing into the light as we all learn to adapt to a rapidly changing world and an uncertain future.

Impact of employees’ health and wellbeing on corporate SA

Corporates are currently dealing with how to report company performance whilst navigating a myriad of uncertainties due to the outbreak of COVID-19. This includes ensuring that not just the financial information but the environmental, social and governance elements of the annual report are an accurate reflection of the company’s response to this pandemic.

Personal protective equipment is there to save lives

Failure to adhere to best practices in occupational health and safety can have adverse financial implications for companies. We have in recent times, seen lawsuits approaching R100 million lodged on behalf of workers who were not properly protected from the hazards inherent in their workplace.


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