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Industrial real estate demand spiking?

The commercial real estate industry has welcomed a positive upturn since level 3 of lockdown. One particular sector that is making waves and has seen a noticeable spike in activity over this period is undoubtedly industrial real estate. This uptake can be attributed to the both the stringent hygiene measures now required in the workplace and the changing nature of retail.

BOOK REVIEW | Radical Simplicity

In celebration of DHL’s fiftieth anniversary as a world-leading delivery company, former CEO of DHL - Ken Allen – shares the inspiring story of his journey to the top of the industry in his recently launched memoir, Radical Simplicity. The book demonstrates how simplicity successfully transformed a loss-making mega brand into a world-class performer.

Imperial Logistics prepares to go it alone

Imperial Holdings says the restructuring and separation of Imperial Logistics and Motus was “among the most complex and ambitious undertaken in the SA market in recent times”.

Supply chains cannot be shrunk into greatness

Barloworld Logistics - Why outsourcing can unlock value in tough economic times - Smart Supply Chain Solutions

Chinese investment for Africa!

On Tuesday, China pledged to invest $14.7bn in South Africa and grant loans to Eskom and SAA. While this investment brings the country closer to President Ramaphosa’s target to raise US$ 100 billion in foreign direct investment, some argue that China’s intentions are not what they seem.

REPORT | Movement and the economy – intimately linked

Like all sectors, commercial vehicle rental experiences a surge in business in periods of economic upswing. However, the almost direct correlation between van rentals and economic growth imply that movement is not just a gauge of the health of an economy, it is an economic driver in its own right.

An intelligent approach to Africa’s promising mobility revolution?

Kevin Pillay | Vice President for Mobility | Siemens Africa | Kevin.Pillay@Siemens.com | https://www.siemens.com/za/en/home.html | Despite the continent’s transport infrastructure lagging behind global standards for decades, Africa...

Africa’s supply chains need strengthening

If Africa wants to change how it trades with the rest of the world, it needs to start by rethinking how it trades with itself. Without urgent improvement, Africa risks remaining a supplier of solely primary materials to which others add value. But to succeed in moving higher up the global value chain, Africa will first need to develop efficient local and regional supply chains to facilitate higher levels of trade within the continent itself.

How smart supply chains drive shift to convenience shopping

Around the world, consumers are becoming increasingly focused on convenience within every sphere of their lives. With technology fuelling an ever-quickening pace of life,...


Across every sphere of business and manufacturing, new digital tools, systems and platforms are upending traditional strategies and approaches. Fuelled by powerful software systems and smart apps, the digital era is forcing business leaders to adapt and embrace more agile ways of operating. Within global supply chains, digitisation is already disrupting businesses.



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