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Parliamentary deference to executive bills a cause for concern

The Free Market Foundation (FMF) notes with concern a report on legislative performance that shows that Parliament has acquiesced to the executive branch of government substituting Parliament as law-maker and to giving it parliamentary rubber-stamps in recognition of its efforts.

The Corruption Amendment Bill – A brief overview

Nick Alp | Dispute Resolution Partner | Webber Wentzel | nick.alp@webberwentzel.com | www.webberwentzel.com | The Department of Justice and Correctional Services has recently published the Prevention...

New Bills impact employment!

The Minister of Labour has published three bills which will have an impact on employment in South Africa. The bills propose a number of important...

Competition regulation in Africa

Roughly half of the African continent already has competition legislation in place, although some of these systems are not yet functional, and there are new systems coming into force all the time. For example, the head office of the regional competition authority, the East African Competition Commission opened in Tanzania and the first commissioners were appointed, and the Nigerian parliamentary lower house recently passed what will be Nigeria’s first proper antitrust regime.

A Practical Guide to the South African Competition Act

The implementation of the Competition Act in 1999 introduced an important shift in the South African competition law framework. After 16 years, many still find the Act technical and difficult to apply.

Retirement fund reform implementation

The next significant step in Government’s reformation of the retirement fund industry has been taken and has seen the implementation of the final retirement...

Foreign data laws

Many South African businesses have now heard of the Protection of Personal Information Act (or POPI), and some have even spent time and money implementing their policies to prepare for their new responsibilities in terms of it.

Financial Services Industry adopts Twin Peaks Regulation

The Financial Sector Regulation Bill was passed by Parliament and sent to the President for assent on 22 June 2017.  The Bill provides the...

Blockchain set to free international trade from paper!

The paper Bill of Lading has been the foremost shipping document for centuries, and even today is all pervasive.  Around 90% of international trade takes...

Dormant company debt a tax headache?

Corporates 'can' acknowledge that winding up a dormant company within their South African group of companies can result in a tax headache.
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