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How to build trust in the age of AI

Imagine cruising down the highway in your Tesla (Model 3), sold by the dreams of the autopilot feature. Suddenly a disaster strikes as the car's AI fails to distinguish a semi-truck ahead, resulting in a fatal accident. This scenario that occurred in Florida on March 2019 highlights the potential dangers of reliance on AI in autonomous vehicles. Yet, in October 2023, researchers from the University Medical Center Utrecht, developed a deep learning algorithm; a form of AI, to identify brain tumours, speeding up diagnosis which now goes on potentially save millions of lives.

Cyber securing your operational technologies

In recent years, there have been a significant surge in cyber threats targeting industrial control systems (ICS) and associated control networks. Industry reports reveal...

A strategic reset on the horizon for CEOs

Modern CEOs are confronted with a rapidly evolving business landscape, and several key factors contribute to the need for a reset in strategic thinking. According...

Embracing net zero – a global imperative!

Ron Stuart | Partner | ESG Lead | KPMG South Africa | mail me | The last two years have seen many countries taking steps...

Privacy by design – the cornerstone of addressing privacy risks

The privacy and protection of personal information has been front of mind for many organisations since the enactment of the Protection of Personal Information Act (POPIA) in 2013 and its subsequent commencement in July 2020.

Transfer pricing – where in the range is the right point?

In recent times, tax authority queries resulting in transfer pricing adjustments have increased significantly, both globally and in Africa. Often, the outcome of a transfer pricing benchmarking study is an arm’s length range rather than a specific margin or price, and the question arises as to which point within such a range is appropriate and therefore arm’s length?

Evolution of ESG investing

The concept of investing in environmental, social, and governance (ESG)-centric products is not new. Institutional investors have long modelled their investment strategies around socially responsible themes such as clean air and water, diversity, human rights, and workplace fair practices.

Global economic outlook – SA is in need of a growth...

Chief Economists from in a variety of countries globally released the Global Economic Outlook paper this week which provides detailed insights into the global obstacles and opportunities. Surprisingly, while the pandemic may not be over, the major economies are shifting their mindset and focusing increasingly on the potential risks and rewards of a more sustainable long-term recovery and route to sustainable growth.

Mirror, mirror on the wall, which tax incentive is next to...

South Africa has a dedicated research and development (R&D) tax incentive regime which sets it apart from other African countries and enables South Africa to compete with similar regimes in developed countries. However, the future of this incentive is at risk.

Culture and Leadership Prevent or Promote Fraud and Corruption

Businesses and public organisations lose millions of rands each year to fraud and theft, often perpetrated by their own employees. Moreover, the value that...


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