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First-time jobseekers – make sure you have the necessary soft skills...

This is easily one of the most challenging times to be a first-time job-seeker in at least a decade. Job losses are many, and there are plenty of experienced people taking lower-level jobs to try and get by; but that doesn’t mean it’s all doom and gloom for the first-time job-seeker.

How you can contribute to the success of our South African...

Your valuable skills development training partnerships assist us with changing the lives of thousands of young South Africans. South Africa’s increasing unemployment levels are a huge threat to future economic growth and the overall prosperity of its citizens. Statistics South Africa’s most recent Quarterly Labour Force Survey shows the country’s unemployment rate climbed to 30.1% in the first quarter of 2020.

Fraudulent qualifications on the national agenda

As unemployment in South Africa jumped to 27.2% for Q2 2018, the proverbial walls seem to be closing in on job seekers. The strain of this appears to be intensified among the youth who account for 63.5% of the total number of unemployed persons,irrespective of education level.


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