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Renewable energy solutions – SMEs are being left in the dark

Although Eskom and government provide support for large renewable energy projects designed to bridge the power gap on a number of levels, there is still an important piece missing from these initiatives.

Don’t neglect rural SMEs – the economy needs them

The South African Reserve Bank increased the repo rate by 50 basis points to 4.75%, after it was previously agreed at 25bps during the May policy meeting due to the declining Rand exchange, consumers are in for a tough time. When the repo rate goes up, the lending rate goes up and the consumers' pockets are affected.

South Africa’s labour market needs urgent reform

Statistics South Africa has announced that South Africa’s unemployment rate rose to a record high 35.3% in the last quarter of year 2021. This was an increase of 0.4 percentage points from the previous quarterly unemployment rate. The expanded definition of unemployment rate is at 46.2%.

Governments have no business micromanaging our lives

When you drop a rubber ball on the pavement, no one should really be surprised when the ball bounces back toward your hand. No one would ascribe it to your superpowers, your powers of levitation. You might have to lower your hand slightly to catch it, but it will return much of the way.

Africa’s energy transition – finding the right mix to drive economic...

There is a saying; ‘oil and water don’t mix’. While that may be true on a meta-physical level, it isn’t true when it comes to Africa’s energy needs. With the population of the continent expected to double by 2100 this creates a daunting energy challenge, combined with rising expectations of improved resilience and sustainability.

Digital Terrestrial Television 101 – the long and the short of...

Despite how very long in the making this transition process has been, and with a lot of recent press around the switch to Digital Terrestrial Television (DTT), it is still common to find people confused by or lacking full understanding of what exactly DTT is.

Meaningful industry-wide enterprise and supplier development

Unemployment rates in and around mining communities increase annually, with limited new job opportunities emerging. Enterprise and Supplier Development (ESD) is of national importance and can unlock significant organisational value.

Foreign nationals and digital labour platforms under the spotlight

The Employment Services Amendment Bill (ESAB) and the National Labour Migration Policy (NLMP), which are open for commentary, will have a material impact on workforce strategies and design. The reason for this lies in the fact that the Minister of Labour will be empowered to set quotas for representation of foreign nationals after having taken scarce and critical skills into account and based on the SA national labour market goals which include employment creation and skills development.

Bombs, blood and bonds

The bigger the military operation, the more sophisticated the financial machinery required to fund it. The Bank of England, today still the UK’s central bank, was created in 1694 as the government’s bank, largely to finance its ongoing wars with France.

The mixed messaging of the 2022 SONA

The messaging from the State of the Nation Address (SONA), hosted 10 February 2022 for the first time outside the halls of Parliament, was both encouraging and disheartening. We are glad to hear the President, the Chief of the Executive, unequivocally state that the body responsible for job creation was not government, but rather, the private sector.


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