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Preliminary view of the draft IRP 2023

South Africa has experienced severe load shedding (i.e. controlled/scheduled power cuts), almost daily, since September 2022. This recent spike and high frequency of load shedding can be largely attributed to a significant drop in Energy Availability Factor of the coal fleet that has not been optimally maintained due to several  factors.

Africa lays the groundwork for a future of electric vehicles

The fast-evolving emobility sector presents a significant opportunity for sustainable growth and job creation in Africa, but some constraints need to be overcome. Many South Africans who struggle every day to reach their places of work using minibus taxis or cars on congested motorways may find it hard to believe that an emobility revolution is about to happen. But there are a number of trends moving in that direction.

With the right conditions mass EV adoption will ensue

While electric vehicles (EVs) have been globally touted as the future of road travel – the replacement to the internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicles that we have been driving for over 100 years – the very mention of the subject raises polarising opinions, especially in the South African market.

COP 26 – Let’s talk about climate change complexities

The scientific consensus is that climate change is real and getting worse. The goal for policymakers, activists, business leaders and investors meeting at the United Nation’s COP26 summit in Glasgow is to limit the damage. Specifically, the aim is to keep the increase in average global temperatures to 1.5C above pre-industrial levels.

A new route in energy while creating new markets and products

Oil and gas companies looking to establish winning positions in the decarbonisation transition and beyond cannot achieve that goal by themselves. They will need the help of their customers, particularly those that are heavily dependent on hydrocarbons, and adjacent sectors, and be part of developing the cross-sectoral actions.

Net Zero? Not for Africa. Not Yet. – Africa must...

On May 18, 2021, the International Energy Agency (IEA) released ‘Net Zero by 2050: A Roadmap for the Global Energy Sector’, which outlines plans for the global energy sector to reach ‘net zero’ greenhouse gas emissions by 2050.


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